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  1. Ok, the ACE80 cartridges are ready at https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/ for those of you who want one now. Check out the Fujinet too!
  2. The ACE80 80 column cartridges are back! Get 80 columns on all your Atari (Fujinet & CP/M) displays! Place your order now at the Vintage Computer Center: https://www.vintagecomputercenter.com/
  3. Attention: I apologize if the E-80 is the ACE80's grandfather and NOT part of the ACE80 line. Claus says he still owns his earliest version and has set me straight, but please discard all illegal ACE80 files if you have any and lets support all the vendors we have left. Our Atari community is a great one made up of old-timers and what looks like a lot of gamers from the past! And we appreciate your support in bringing the ACE80 line of carts back for you all too!
  4. FYI !! . The E-80 is a pirated copy of the ACE80 cartridge software and anyone attempting to use, promote, or sell it is in violation of copyright laws. Amiable Computer Enhancements owns the copyrights and I am requesting that and all forums (starting with this one) remove these types of promotions from their pages or they run the risk of prosecution by not just Amiable but all companies still in business. VCC and I are trying to bring the ACE80 cartridges back to the Atari community now so please don't hinder us doing that. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I have all the ROMs. I really need a schematic of the board(s). A close up photocopy of it (front and back) might do the trick though.
  6. That's it. You know of anyone who has one?! I am looking for the ACE80 / ACE80XL and or DT80 80 column cartridges for the Atari computers that I created and sold back in the early 80s. I need to borrow or buy them so I can create more. If you were someone or know of someone Amiable Computer Enhancements or TNT Computing sold one to please respond here or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Hi guys! Hey, I was wondering if you all could give me your opinion? Ok, how well do you think the ACE80 / ACE80XL / DT80 80 column cartridges would sell in this day and age? I still own the copyrights and would like to produce more if they are still needed. Is there something out there that has taken their place or are they even needed by Atari users? Thanks!! PS: What would be a fair max price for one of these now considering hardware costs these days?
  8. Anyone got an Eprom programmer for sale?
  9. Would you like something to give your Atari 80 columns. 35 or so years ago an 80 column cartridge called the DT80/ACE80/XL came out. It was designed and built by Claus Bucholz if you know who he is. If you would like to see these cartridges come back please PM me here and when there is enough interest to warrant reproducing them I will let you know. If you have another way of producing 80 columns now please post that info here. A complete list of things that produce 80 columns will be posted and reviewed here for you to choose from.
  10. Does anyone here know where I can get a Bytewriter eprom programmer? I would like to make more ACE80 cartridges for the Atari community and you would like one please reply to me here or PM me directly. Thanks!
  11. The SIO2PC-USB gadget is pretty cool and if you are using it this is the place we can share our problems & discoveries! I'll start with an experience and problem and if you can answer it please do if you have had that experience and have a solution. As I familiarize myself with this using the Aspeqt program, and the 800XL w/256K & US Doubler 1050 I hope we all learn and you can share some of your hills & valleys in the use of this gadget! Problem 1: With the configuration above the last step to formatting, writing DOS and an initialization step is where it's freezing for me. This is version 1.1 of SpartaDOS and if you know what happened to the FORMAT files in the 3.2 versions I'd like to know.
  12. Here's the last section of the article - about the RAMdisk software. Just noticed that I never posted the whole article, so here it is. Cool Claus.. Hey were you the one that made the ACE Midiface gadget? I still have it and would like to sell it. It will come with MidiTrack II. I don't even know how to use it so maybe someone else here knows. You got any docs on it?
  13. Hi Jonny.. Did you ever get that 1010 tape to work? If not,do you want to sell the power supply? i have two that need power. thanks
  14. Someone asked for a picture of the cartridge. Somewhat difficult to get a good pic. because the label is foil with magenta lettering. Anyway, here it is. -Larry Hi Larry. My name is Mike. I just joined you guys here. I used to make and sell ACE80/DT80 cartridges. I still have some left I'm selling on ebay. I used to know Lance and Claus and belonged to the CHAOS club of Lansing, Michigan. If there is anything I can do to help/supply you guys then feel free to PM me here. I'll see what I can do to make that possible here. I will check and see if it's ok to put an email address or ebay/home site URLs here too. Maybe someone can tell me what is allowed here and save me from having to read the rules documents. I'll go see if I can find them anyway. So,take care and I look forward to hearing from everyone. I wish I had seen this site a few years ago. I see Claus was on back in April. Any way of contacting Lance? ok.. ttyl
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