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  1. hello all i recently bought aliens vs predator off ebay and when ever i try and access the select a player screen the screen goes black im able to acess saved games but when ever i try to acess any other option in the start menu the game goes black with music only no on screen graphix my jaguar is new and im using the rca av cables and ive tried other games and they work fine only my AVP is having graphical problems if you can help me out email me for help thanks posted here for kasch150, he didn't achived to login.
  2. Hi! You may look at http://www.atari-gamer.de to have a look at our collection. BR Henning & Aenda[/url]
  3. I've bought a NTSC Jaguar and it plays no sound at all. (Even not the start sound - no roar) So it can't be the cartridges I've tested. The Picture over AV-cable is fine, but it refuses to play any sounds. Can it be, that it has something to do with my PAL-TV? I thought that it only affects the picture. Has anybody ideas? BR, hagbard
  4. I agree totally! The only reason to have (not to play) them is to complete the collection. Henning
  5. Thank you very much! I think I will survive not playing that game... Is that the only game that's messed up (e.g. Space Ace)? Grets, Henning
  6. Hi! I've read that Dragon's Lair is NTSC only. My Dragon's Lair CD works on my PAL Jaguar, but after the first move you can make on the bridge the game starts from the beginning or an error-message occurs "Disk error". Is that the NTSC thing or is my version broken? Greets, Henning
  7. That was the problem with my Mega-STE, the guy who send it to me forgot to "park" the HD. So the bootsector was scratched by the heads. I had to reformat the whole drive and the bad sectors were excluded.
  8. hagbard

    Best Atari Game

    Ninja Golf! Yeah! That's my favourite, too! I think the devolopers must have been stoned getting this idea for a game (winners don't use drugs, eh?) I never had such a good laugh and fun playing a 7800 game!
  9. I looked in a cross reference table and it said that you can replace the MTD3055E with the STD12N06 Power-MOSFET. I also have a broken Lynx with that part missing, but I havn't tried it yet, and I don't know if that transistor is available (I'm coming from Europe). Good luck for your resurrection!
  10. Hi! I was sitting in my room, having some beer and played comlynxed with a pal. I had this stupid idea of plugging the comlynx pin into the spare comlynx jack of the cable(kind of playing a 2 player game with myself). At least I haven't tried it because I was in fear to kill my Lynx with that. So has anybody tried this? What will happen? Will the Lynx hang up or accept itself as second Lynx? Greets, hagbard.
  11. I found this site in the web. It's text is in German. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say that it'll work. Greets, hagbard
  12. Hi! It was absolutely luck! I went on fleamarkets over a year and it was the first time to see a Jaggame! Greets, hagbard
  13. Hi Stone & Htbaa! Ah, now I know what kind of Atarians you are! Ha, ha! Greets, hagbard
  14. Hi! Thanks for your offer, but I think I'm going to keep it Greets, hagbard
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