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  1. The Video Game Show is coming to Mississauga (close to Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on March 28. There's scheduled tournaments, how-to clinics, and of course a swap meet. Here are some related links: http://www.cgcc.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1170 http://www.thevideogameshow.com/ I know this was in another thread, but I thought I'd add the city name (or close) to the subject of the thread. Hopefully that's okay Thanks for listening, 5-11under patiently awaiting minorleagueguy's daily (or so) timeline updates...
  2. Mord, Are you anywhere near Toronto. If so, check out this link: http://www.thevideogameshow.com/ Should be fun. 5-11under
  3. That will do nicely. Thanks, 5-11under
  4. Mass produced. You answered your own question. It's not economically viable to produce a ROM for a dozen or a hundred cartridges. 5-11under
  5. I'm searching (and not finding) (good) rarity guides for Sega Master System, Intellivision, Odyssey, etc. Does anyone have any good links with rarity guides of a variety of systems? Thanks, 5-11under
  6. I've got a Michael Jackson game for SMS. What that says, I don't know. 5-11under
  7. I'll be there too! I'll be trying to sell off a few Pong, Intellivision, and SMS systems, along with some other games. I'm curious as to what sorts of people will show up. 5-11under
  8. I used the clouds mode, but I should have tested it because then I would have realized that the width of the planes are more than the width of one background block. 5-11under P.S. any word on when I can get a copy of Combat AI Redux+ ?
  9. Sorry if some of my designs suck. Perhaps I should have played them before submitting them. 5-11under
  10. I've got two different Sears Asteroids with different numbers on each. Is that worth anything? 5-11under
  11. Thanks for the PM, Tempest. Here's the list of released cartridges, all from 1977 and 1978: Blackjack Checkers The Financier/Money Minder Gladiator Lemonade Stand Math Tutor 1 Music Teacher 1 Pinball The Programmable Tennis Timeshare Vice Versa Video Artist Wordwise 1 Wordwise 2 If anyone has any other information, or any ROMs, please respond. I'd love to make a multi-cart for this system. Thanks, 5-11under
  12. Tempest, that sucks that yours doesn't work. I've got about 7 cartridges, but unfortunately haven't played it in a while. Gladiator/Football was good for some fun times, Wonderword (sp?) was fun, and Reversi of course. I also had Keyboard (sp?) and a few more which I can't remember at the moment. I look forward to hearing more, 5-11under
  13. One of my favourite things about the O2 is how the title of most of the games end in an exclamation point, as if you must shout out the name of the game. LOL! 5-11under
  14. Anyone have any information on the VideoBrain system. It'd be cool to burn some ROMs and play some new games on this puppy. BTW, this is a system from about 1975. I bought one a few years later from the C.O.M.B. Company which did a lot of advertising in Popular Science and magazines like that. It's got an awesome Othello game (Reversi). Thanks, 5-11under
  15. I've recently been thinking about selling my O2 collection, because I'm concentrating on Atari products and a few other oddball systems (Vectrex, Virtual Boy). Now I'm thinking I'll keep it, because it is pretty cool, and somewhat rare and old (compared to Intellivision and Coleco, anyway). Thanks everyone for keeping me on the straight and narrow. Got to get me that multi-cart. 5-11under
  16. see... http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=35400 Is it picture #6? 5-11under
  17. 5-11under


    Hi Spongebue, I check that site regularly, but I don't get involved too much. I got tired of answering simple questions about electricity and electronics. I still keep an eye out for any Atari 2600 questions, though. My name there is the same... 5-11under
  18. 5-11under


    I've got a portable, but I haven't finished the case yet, so it's a pain with all of the wires and switches, making sure nothing shorts out. <-----See the avatar to the left. 5-11under
  19. Hey, I'm one of those people. I've pretty much decided that when I build a multi-cart, I'll just use dip-switches. I don't have the time to devote to learning 2600 programming or making Paul's software work with my own hardware. 5-11under
  20. If the sound is clear, then there's something wrong with your Vectrex. But seriously, it looks like the "Y" axis isn't responding the way it should. Unfortunately, I've never opened up a Vectrex. Some schematics and a good service guy might be of assistance. Good luck, 5-11under
  21. That's cool. I'll have to check sometime for the manufacturer of mine (ie. I'll have to find it in the basement construction zone). The rectangular borders around the potentiometers on mine are made of thin aluminum. 5-11under
  22. and a couple more. I have an Atari Ultra-Pong IV or something like that too. Sorry, no picture yet. 5-11under
  23. It's amazing how many different models of Pong there is. I'd love to see the ones you have. Here's some to get you started. Sorry they're in black/white, but that's the camera I had in the day. 5-11under
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