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  1. Sorry, not too much to update at the moment, unless you're interested in household renovation projects. Will get back onto this soonish... .
  2. I love the artwork for the manual!
  3. I voted tiny up to 12. Small would be up to 30.
  4. Program hex goes to the code. I've only programmed existing files, so haven't seen a use for data. Probably good for customisations where you want the code to stay exactly the same each time, but want some other numbers changed. Fuse data goes to the config. I think fuse information called out in the code will update the config (can't remember). Otherwise, update it manually. Take a screen shot when you've got it the way you need it.
  5. Great find! Growing up in the area (in "The Hammer") and later visiting the flea markets in the area very regularly in the '90's, I really wish I would have found something like this. It's definitely cool, though, because generally it seems all the great finds are in far off places, like California.
  6. /just like the cool kids do.
  7. If you're going to use a board meant for the Atari shell in a Coleco shell, there may be some physical adjustments that may need to be made, to make the board fit well.
  8. Cool! Ordered. It'll be a fun one to show "normal" people.
  9. Some of my boards use a dual trace. After that issue, though, I made sure the two halves are shorted so they act as one.
  10. My money's on bankswitching timing - either program fix or board fix
  11. I think on the ZX81 we put the numbers in data statements, then made a short program to read those and poke them into the REM statement. Doing math for the jumps was fun.
  12. Cleaning pdf here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/163446-diy-modifications-for-colecovision/?p=2019087
  13. I originally though it was the missing serial number label, but strangely, the one without the serial number is the one that is working.
  14. It certainly would be nice, though. Many people might not know what's going on inside their ColecoVision... grounding condition, DRAM part numbers, etc.
  15. The Dynamic RAM upgrade is more an issue with reliability than with getting rid of the -5V and +12V requirement. The 4116 DRAM chips that the ColecoVision uses are widely known to be prone to failure. It might be because of the voltage ordering at start-up (certain voltages need to be present prior to others). The 4164 DRAM is nearly a drop-in replacement as far as pin-out goes, and it's more reliable than the 4116 chips. As a by-product, it also only requires +5V to operate (so no ordering of start-up voltages is required). If a ColecoVision has bad DRAM, then really the proper repair is to put in 4164 chips. Before this week, there was no reason to use inferior chips and voltage system to repair the ColecoVision DRAM.
  16. Is the game available in loose or ROM format? I'd love to test the game on some of my standard and modified and new systems (but I don't normally collect homebrews).
  17. I'm looking for some help from the PAL and SECAM people... is there only one crystal in the console, or two? What are the crystal speeds?
  18. Is there a demo ROM file available for testing? This could be very helpful. Edit: a demo that would show the issue.
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