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  1. Hmm. I've not had the Lynx LCD apart myself but I can see by doing a quick Google search that the LCD module itself does come away from the backlight unit, so you might be able to then use a bit of double sided tape to set it square before putting it back together. Either way pay attention to the cable at the bottom of the LCD since if that rips (had that happen before) then you'll need a new LCD which won't be easy to find!
  2. Hey guys I just uploaded a video on Youtube on a possible power issue fix for the Lynx and figured it'd be something you guys woud be interested in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i44fj6lja1M Basically the Lynx II I got wasn't powering on from the power button on batteries and through googling I found a few threads here that discuss the problematic MOSFET on some Lynx boards. I suspected that until I powered the Lynx from an AC adapter and got it to turn on. Looking over the PCB, I found two 100uf 35v capacitors that come almost directly off the battery power input, one of which had leaked so I cleaned it up and replaced both for good measure and presto! Worked from batteries again. I thought it worth posting since I'd not seen it mentioned here and it may help someone else resurrect their Lynx. The LCD in mine sadly turns out is screwed but any victory is still a victory
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