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  1. Ugly stack of games from the last few weeks of thrifting + gamestop 4 for $10 which is basically thrift prices, even better than some thrifts these days. Got some actual atari games in the mix as well as the missing game in the burger king trilogy, and Rabbids Go Home which intrigued me back when it came out.
  2. Found a good amount of ps1 games today, hopefully Rascal is something interesting because it sure looks like it. This lot also reminds me how deep the ps1 library is, I have a decent amount but still not all the heavy hitters.
  3. Found all these at the local thrifts, the Pocket Simon has stuck buttons so hopefully it isn't too hard to fix. Never heard of Rogue Galaxy but it appears worth checking out from a google. Mario Kart was a mismatched game but works out since it can pair with my loose copy.
  4. In the launcher of minecraft you can create "profiles", for a profile you can set which version of minecraft to use, you'll want to set it to the latest snapshot, which are basically betas. The version picking feature is nice for going back to old worlds due to all the changes in minecraft but it can be confusing when all the hot new buzz is about things not in the version of minecraft that runs when you just hit "play" by default.
  5. Small amount of thrift finds from today, I also saw oodles of duplicate games at one particular thrift, with there being probably 10 copies of Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps a failed game sellers wares?
  6. Got my arduboy and it's related micro arcade siblings from the bundle finally today, I won't lie, I mostly got them for the novelty. My first impressions of the Arduboy maybe confirm this as well, the buttons aren't the most comfortable to use and the lack of a start/pause button seems limiting. Oddly enough, the micro arcades are a lot more comfy to hold, as they're a bit thicker and the buttons are less flush with the case.
  7. I've always known of Zelda games but never cared to play them until BOTW came out, where I played Zelda 1 in anticipation. Now I'm ready to do a chronological zelda marathon, so I had to get these. For Zelda II I'll be using with the Switch Online version since I've heard it's continue system is harsh compared to Zelda 1's and I'd rather have the option to use save states if I feel I need them.
  8. Finally came across a speak n spell today, electronic and chipmusicians loved sampling this around the turn of the decade and I've been looking for one since (and they used to be all over thrifts before I ever looked for them in the mid 2000s). I've never heard of Koudelka but apparently it's a nice jrpg, despite the case falling apart it had all 4 discs.
  9. Well, that sounds like that'd be pretty sweet to try, but double check the second pic, I won't be trying them any time soon
  10. Found a star fox twofer today... Well, not quite what I was expecting...
  11. Haven't had a haul posted here in a while since it seems where I moved is pretty dry, but I finally got a nice haul today from one store, a bunch of random games I've never heard of which is probably my favorite type to find. Bit of a surprise finding so much since there's two retro game stores in town so this person could have easily sold them to those. Othello was from another store where there were a bunch of electronic poker type games but this was the only one that was interesting to me. Aside from the big names the only games I actually know in this stack are the M+Ms game which I actually have nostalgia with of the PC version, and Kickle Cubicle due to a Deprecation Guild song.
  12. First thrift finds this year, I was surprised I didn't already own Boom Blox considering how much I've played it before.
  13. Got some clearance items, I've been finding popping the joycons on and off the switch to be annoying so hopefully this is better.
  14. Found a rather large mario plush, two cool looking xbox exclusives (I don't know whether outrun 2 is actually good or not though), and a gameport to usb adapter among other things today
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