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    I like all outdoor related activities. Right now I'm collecting as many 8-bit 3rd party and home brew carts as I can as there is no one in Portland who has any for sale. Looking forward to PRGE,and their swap meet.
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    A8 Millipede with Wico trackball, Space Harrier, Venture and Commando.
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    Battlesphere and Rebooteroids on the Jaguar.

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  1. This 400 has an original Atari made 48k ram board installed. It comes with a custom dust cover , but no power supply as I’m out of new ones which are $20 at 8bit classics. It’s passed all tests on my official Atari Diagnostic station. Plastic has been cleaned; motherboard cleaned with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. 😀 I’m asking $100 plus shipping. Visit Eightbitfix.com for references.
  2. If it has ram marked “MT” - replace. That micron technology ram has the propensity to not reset after powering down.
  3. I have found that the 48k 400 also greatly benefits from Sdrive2. To see Koronis Rift running on a 400 is epic!
  4. I have two completely restored 48k 400’s that come with a dust cover for $125. All my comps are tested on a official Atari factory testing station. FYI - The Uno cart works on these, but NOT on an 800. Eightbitfix.com
  5. At one point, Atari considered naming a model they were working on " STD " .. Good thing they didn't
  6. An original bank-switched Battle zone cart should run on any 64k machine, just like the others ( including Mario Bros. ) . It’s the cracked versions that need to decompress into 128k. The 600xl mod is not 100% software compatible. There are some modified versions out there that take advantage of , for example - the uno cart - I have a Commando XE .rom file that runs off it and on a 64k machine. There are exceptions.
  7. I have been doing some Atari vids :


    1. Paul Westphal

      Paul Westphal

      It won't let me post the link, so just look me up on Youtube.

  8. Xavier brought this to my attention. Looks good!
  9. He’s fine. I’d buy Tempest Elite and Venture. Venture gets a little samey but it’s a great port.
  10. 800XL for sale in Marketplace -

  11. This Atari 800XL has been taken apart, cleaned very well and tested on a official Atari 8bit testing station. It has passed all burn-in tests. I always leave the top of the RF shield off after cleaning, but the bottom is on. The motherboard is made in Taiwan, but all the ram and main chips are socketed, which I re-seated. I will include a new A/V ( Monitor out ) cable, but no power supply for $160.00 plus shipping. I suggest using The Brewing Academy's power supplies. PM me with your address and I can get you a shipping quote from UPS. I take Paypal and can send you a official Eightbitfix.com invoice, or you can friends and family it to avoid ever increasing fees. Visit Eightbitfix.com for references
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