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    I like all outdoor related activities. Right now I'm collecting as many 8-bit 3rd party and home brew carts as I can as there is no one in Portland who has any for sale. Looking forward to PRGE,and their swap meet.
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    A8 Millipede with Wico trackball, Space Harrier, Venture and Commando.
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    Battlesphere and Rebooteroids on the Jaguar.

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  1. Yeah, that Saberman guy on Youtube is pretty quick to release vids of WIP. Very nice sprite work and use of color. I like these shooting / exporlation type games. < The firing sound is not annoying > THANK YOU!
  2. Well now emkay, that is pretty badass. Great work!
  3. One has sold ! SoundGammon - You can get the test cartridge and testing station from Best Electronics.
  4. Ben has health issues and is as Cantankerous as ever.
  5. FYI - The UNO Cart - WILL WORK - on Atari 400's that are upgraded with the official Atari 48k kit. I have tested this on 4 machines. It would be cool if yours did as well. Paul
  6. Awesome! I wonder what else Paul and the gang have up Their sleeves..
  7. I’m guessing PIA or CPU. Lately I’ve seen many bad PIAs. To get correct error reporting from the diagnostic cart you really need the factory testing station with it, as it tests IO voltages which can be very telling.
  8. Ive been selling my fully restored and Super S.A.L.T. tested 64k 600xl's for $100, less power supply $85. Anything more than $100 for a 600xl is too much IMO. Eightbitfix.com
  9. http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=katalog&sub=F&tg=Food Fight#Food Fight
  10. It seems like, not long ago, they were $50.. I should have bought a bunch.. DAAAAMMMMNNN!
  11. Thanks! This version works by holding down OPTION while booting off my SIO to SD.
  12. XEGS trade in for a pristine fully socketed 800xl? I’ll have to think about that one 😀 FYI you can get a new XEGS mobo from Best Electronics for $65..
  13. All I found was .atr’s that won’t work on my 800xl. Is there a cracked .xex to be found? paul
  14. A heartfelt “ Thank You “ to all involved.
  15. The silver sticker one is good.
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