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    I like all outdoor related activities. Right now I'm collecting as many 8-bit 3rd party and home brew carts as I can as there is no one in Portland who has any for sale. Looking forward to PRGE,and their swap meet.
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  1. Consider the blitter an advanced graphics chip. Ram is separate. Ideally you want lots of ram to run hard drive adaptations of games and the blitter chip for better scrolling and more colors. Hope that helps. I was once where you are at and kind people answered my questions, so I’m paying it forward. 😀
  2. Hi Guys! I got another one fixed up for ya! This Atari 1040STf has : - Power supply has been rebuilt with capacitors and main motherboard capacitors have been replaced. - Has RF Modulator! - No aluminum top shield - I always leave them off. - Completely taken apart and cleaned with rubbing alcohol/Qtips. Case plastic and keys are scubbed as well. - Has a 2.5mb RAM upgrade! / No blitter. - TOS 1.2 / 2 Chip - Can be easily upgraded to TOS 1.4. - Refurbished ( like new ) floppy drive. The top case was carefully trimmed with a dremel to accomodate the floppy button. This is what I do - Visit Eightbitfix.com for street cred. This is a great games machine, especially with a ASC2STF hard drive emulator! I was testing the machine with the ASC2STF HD Emulator with a special 1gb disk image that is more friendly to TOS 1.2 / 1.4.and it ran most games fine. Here is a video of the machine running in said configuration : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE6-2L_y2E8&t=35s She's a pretty solid system. I'm asking $200 + shipping from Portland Oregon. $150.00 without the floppy drive. PM me if interested.. If you don't like this one, I have others in the toaster.. just wait..
  3. Thanks Ray, It's great! I love the energy. A lot of people that do vids like that are flat and robotic. Not yourself. Keeping it real and fresh. Kudos
  4. I talk to him regularly. He’s doing fine, he’s just busy with things and has very little help. He does manage to balance work and play, pretty well. Yeah, little Bruce comes over on the weekends to help.
  5. My solution : I purchased a Toshiba multi region HDMI LED TV that does PAL, SEACAM, NTSC 3.58, 4.2 from 220 Electronics, then I set it to auto tune. I use a composite cable from eBay. Video is not perfect, but far from bad. ( see my YouTube channel) Some games will upscale with my Cable Matters Upscaler, but there is lag.
  6. Hi guys! So I picked up 11 ST's and 8 of them are 520's. They are in the process of being restored and upgraded. ( including asc2stfm modules ) I can source new power supplies from Bruce at B & C, but shipping those bricks is brutal. Is there a source for a modern USB type power supply? I asked Doc Marlin and Bruce to no avail. Worst case scenario : Source the female plug from Best Electronics and pull the schematic and build my own? arrrr
  7. I was going to do a video of Skyride, but the only .xex I can find uses the onscreen CPU usage, which is headache inducing. If I could find the .sap file, I can convert it to .xex with WASAP. I'll look again...
  8. Hi guys! The motherboard had been cleaned with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips, as has the keyboard. The main capacitor was replaced because it was bulged. The case has also been cleaned and it 99.9% scuff free. I was getting sound interference, so I removed the RF Shields and it disappeared. ( I alway's do this ) It has passed ALL the Atari Diagnostic Station Tests ( pics ) The Freddie is socketed. Composite video signal is superb, even using a shitty cable on my testing station TV. Comes with NEW A/V Cable ( Monitor - Composite out ) and THE BEST Atari power supply they made ( Black Rectangle ), which is fused and rebuildable. ** Edit ** I HAVE NEW RUBBER FEET ON THE WAY ** It sure beats that Ebay crap, and it's tested. Eightbitfix.com $165.00 + Shipping. PM me if interested.
  9. On my 256k stereo 800xl, I left the on / off switch out. Works great ! take a look : Yeah, I have the exact same board. No U-switch. I may have one if you need one. Looks like Lotharek canned the Simple Stereo board now that the new Pokey's are out, so he may not carry the U-switch anymore either.
  10. I'm just throwing spahgetti at the wall here.. I have put many of these in and never experienced a problem; That's what caught my attention. Have you tried switching out the pokey's? Maybe one is bad...
  11. Have to tried eliminating the on/off switch? It does work without it - default is Stereo on if there is no switch. This MAY help.. I would also take a hard look at those janky RCA output jacks and possibly the wire connections might be bad. Paul Eightbitfix.com
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