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    I like all outdoor related activities. Right now I'm collecting as many 8-bit 3rd party and home brew carts as I can as there is no one in Portland who has any for sale. Looking forward to PRGE,and their swap meet.
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    A8 Millipede with Wico trackball, Space Harrier, Venture and Commando.
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    Battlesphere and Rebooteroids on the Jaguar.

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  1. I have four 400's that are completely restored, and have THE ORIGINAL Atari made 48k ram board in them, NO POWER SUPPLY! you can get one from Bruce at B & C Computervisions, or Brad at Best Electronics. I have two with custom dust covers and they are $100 each + Shipping From Portland, Oregon I have two with no dust Covers and they are $80 each. If you want one With a Dust cover and Sdrive2 they are $170. One with an Sdrive2 and no dust cover is $150. The 400's really benefit from the Sdrive2, as most everything runs off it ( as opposed to a multicart or SIO to SD ) I only have ONE empty 48k ram card box. If you need some of my references, visit Eightbitfix.com PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!
  2. I have an Atari STe for sale in the Marketplace.


  3. I had a post over in the ST forums and someone said it sped up disk transfer rates.
  4. Atari STe 4mb for sale. All cleaned up and all plastics de-yellowed TOS 2.06 is socketed. YM2149 is socketed. Passed all Z tests with an official Atari Diagnostic Cart. NO MOUSE. ( I need it for testing ) Power cord. 15 pin Monitor out cable ( Composite out ). NEW 3.25 floppy Drive. $300 plus shipping from Portland Oregon
  5. Thank You for the reply PLM. It is appreciated. " I’m guessing ( probably wrong )" - were the words I used. I didn't ' expect ' to be correct.
  6. I’m restoring this 4mb STe and I found this mod in it. I’m guessing ( probably wrong ) it’s a 32mhz mod? Any information on this mod would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  7. ONE 800XL with new motherboard, and ONE 64k 600XL Left for sale ( second and third pages in marketplace )

  8. I have 3 800xl's with NEW motherboards for sale - Computer Only - $115.00. Ad in the Marketplace.

  9. I have three 800xl's with brand new motherboards from Best Electronics in them. *** UPDATE : TWO HAVE SOLD *** $115.00 + Shipping. Cases have been cleaned and the Keyboards are 100% functional. Add a Video cable - $20 Add a USB Power Supply - $20 Add a Original ( NOT Ingot! ) Power supply - $30 They still have the RF shield on the Motherboard, and come with a copy of the purchase. ( I bought three at once ) The 800XL's are fully Tested and running fine. Those are 48k 400's on the shelf, also for sale. THEY come with the Sdrive2. PM me or use my website Email : Eightbitfix.com Thanks for looking, Peeps Paul
  10. Not if you have a working 130XE. However, upgraded, they have the smallest footprint of any 64k machine and ALL 600xl's are socketed, meaning easy repairs if they need them. If your 800xl is made in Hong Kong, it's socketed too
  11. Hi guys, I have 5 600xl's. I cleaned the cases, cleaned the motherboards, installed 64k ram and ran full tests on a official Atari 8 bit testing station. *** UPDATE *** - ONLY ONE LEFT AS OF FRIDAY 2:26PM 5-17-2019. * WOW THOSE WENT FAST * Stock video. Everything functional. They are $75 each and that is for JUST THE COMPUTER. No Power supply or A/V cable included. -- PLUS SHIPPING! -- Pics are just an example. The mod is the same on all of them. PM me if interested. Paul
  12. I have 5 64k 600xl's. Plastic and mobo cleaned. Tested on a Original Atari Testing station. Computer only, $75 each. PM if interested.

    1. Paul Westphal

      Paul Westphal

      Or send an Email through the website : Eightbitfix.com

  13. Have you tried the 130xe on other TV's? I'm leaning towards the Modulator..
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