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    I like all outdoor related activities. Right now I'm collecting as many 8-bit 3rd party and home brew carts as I can as there is no one in Portland who has any for sale. Looking forward to PRGE,and their swap meet.
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  1. Hi guys. This is knghtmare for the Atari ST. It is in excellent condition. I can pull data off the original game disks, but it crashes during initial load on both my STe or Mega 2. I have made brand new disks. There are also game player disks made by the original owner ( Lonestar ) that are not pictured. I'm asking $35 + shipping. PM me if interested
  2. This is so great that the STe is getting some well written software that exploits the machines capabilties. BRAVO!
  3. Sorry, here ya go : https://best-electronics-ca.com/1200XL%20keyboard%20Mylar.htm He also has the missing Keyboard piece. First two pics : where the wires are ( 0 ohm ) is where I removed resistors. This is a video improvement.. sorta like a 1/2 super video mod. The second pic is the fix for the bad halt, should you decide to install a Ultimate 1MB board. The last one is for the U1 motherboard connections. It's good info from the files of Eightbitfix.com :)
  4. You can get the cable here : https://www.8bitclassics.com/?ref=505
  5. 9CD468F8-8DF6-4011-9A25-481A667AC501.MOV
  6. 😂 it’s a step up from light bright 😂
  7. Nice! I just picked up a light pen and manual from Bruce @ B & C. I’m running the software off an Uno cart. I’ll probably do a ghetto YouTube video on it soon.
  8. I found that Resivoir Gods Frogger clone at Atarimania. It's called Bugger.
  9. Thanks everyone! I knew I forgot about an important one - Chu Chu Rocket.
  10. Can't wait for that! Until then, I'll do a video of this for my Youtube channel. Damn Impressive.
  11. Use this : https://thebrewingacademy.com/products/atari-xl-xe-replacement-power-supply Very cool find!
  12. Hi All! I just picked up a 2 player cable for the ST, downloaded Frogs, and I'm looking forward to showing that off at a club meeting. Gauntlet II and Bombaman are also in my sites. Question : What are the most enjoyable 4 player simultaneous games for the ST(e)?
  13. This 400 has an original Atari made 48k ram board installed. It comes with a custom dust cover , but no power supply as I’m out of new ones which are $20 at 8bit classics. It’s passed all tests on my official Atari Diagnostic station. Plastic has been cleaned; motherboard cleaned with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. 😀 I’m asking $100 plus shipping. Visit Eightbitfix.com for references.
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