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  1. Ihave my collection typed in a word document, and i copied it but it wont let me paste it here...............
  2. How do i paste something into one of these boxes?? it wont let me!!
  3. Hello!! This is your chance to show off your atari 5200 collection!!!!!!!! Post all of ur atari 5200 stuff u own here!
  4. 8BitCam

    5200 games

    ive got joust pacman and RS Scoer i would prob. sell
  5. FYI..............Thats a liiiiiitle over-priced
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 25-30!!!!
  7. i also have super action controlers and expansion module 1's.
  8. is it mario bros or super mario bros. if it is mario bros, ill trade u that for donkey kong. if it is smb, then donkey kong for smb2 cib??
  9. got a frogs and flies........PM me on price
  10. okay.................how about the whole top shell for 10+shipping
  11. i have one shell i will sell LMK what u will give me for it.
  12. ive got a 1m card. send me a pm and i can thiink of a price
  13. i have all of the things you listed:) Send me a pm and we can make a deal!!
  14. 1/4 of my game collection Plug n plays: Street Fighter 2 Actovison x2 Atari Flasback 2 (boxed) Atari Paddles 2600 controler Spongebob Pac-Man (2010 ver.) Genniess PNP Atari Flashback x2 Namco TV games Mortal Kombat TV arcade Wall-E Spiderman Frogger x2 Star Wars Space invaders Pac Man Mini 5200: Blue Print Wizard of war gyruss popeye qbert Frogger?? star trek Buck Rodgers Joust x2 Centipede space Duengon Pacman x2 Galaxian x2 Missle command x2 Super Breakout Kangroo Mario Bros Dig Dug x2 RS Socer RS tennis Bezerk x2 Football Jungle hunt pole possiton Qix Pengo Space invaders RS football Defender star radires RS Socer Ms. Pacman 7800: Pole Possiton II x3 Xevious Asteroids Galaga Ms. Pacman Centipede Barnyard blaster RS baseball Touchdown Football Choplifter Winter games karatecka ball blazer Hat trick 2600: about 350........... Not going to list them all. Colecovision: EM 1 EM 2 Roler Controler (Boxed) SA controlers Zaxxon slither SA Baseball DK JR. Rocky Congo Bongo DK x3 Carniavl I have much much more games and consoles, some stuff is For sale................Just Ask I will email lists/pics of consoles/games not listed. Just send me a Privet message. Thanks, 8BitCam!! Will also trade!!! have a few things im looking for.
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