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  1. The best result is RGB with SCART TV/Monitor using the TI PHA2037 video converter.
  2. Hi, I am sorry for the delay of my answer, I am very busy since some weeks. About the Tiny-99/4A v2 computer: I am face to little problems: All the IC suppliers that I have contacted have not answered to my tariff request. It's incredible! Maybe they are too rich So, I have to contact new suppliers. The keyboard that I have developped for the computer is mainly based on the Noppoo Choc Mini Cherry MX keyboard (plus the numpad). Once again, I have difficulties to find the keycaps for it, and for a reasonable price. As the TI-99/4A keys writings differs from the PC keys, I have to find white letters/numbers/punctuation stickers. I still haven't found the good ones. I finally wonder if I shouldn't propose the TIny-99/4A v2 as bare motherboard and keyboard PCBs. Sure, I will be a little bit desapointed but if I don't find a serious serious IC supplier, I will make this decision. Tomorrow I wil take a picture of the finalized keybard (the serial product). To my mind, it is very pleasant ! Hope it will be appreciated by all
  3. A real pleasure to play with! I like it ! Thank you very much
  4. I have a EPROM/EEPROM/PAL programmer : Here is the list of the PLDs it can read/write: 20 pins: 10H8,12H6,14H4,16H2,16C1,10L8,12L6,14L4,16L2,16L8,16R8,16R6,16R4,16X4 24 pins: 12L10,14L8,16L6,18L4,20L2,20C1,20L10,20X10,20X8,20X4,20L8,20R8,20R4
  5. So, I tried to find the most used computer, I think that it could be a stock silver 99/4A (the one I got when I was young) but I'm not totally sure because my TIny-99/4A is very heavily used too. I had to repair my first 99/4A at many time, as I use it a lot since 1982 but only with original parts so I think that I can say that it is always a stock computer. I glued a sticker on the backside of it not to confuse it with the about twenty other silver 99/4A computers that I own. It is the most important one in my view.
  6. I can't vote, because it is complicated. I have several stock TI-99/4A computers, some modified, and some with the electronic redesigned/upgraded too.
  7. Maybe your controller can't access to track 0, this track is accessed during the format operation.
  8. My CC-40+ has no issue, it works fine, all its components have been tested OK (CPU, 18Kb RAM, ROM, LCD, ... ) I have also tested the 40+ with the Hexbus Printer Plotter and RS232C expansions , I saved and loaded a program on a tape recorder and I have done the same on a floppy disk with the disk controller I made. All is OK In any cases, the AC-9201 is the power supply is usualy use with my CC-40 units. I just wondered why there are two leds on the PCB, and I think having found their use, they are used as classic diodes and not as lights.
  9. Great music! The enemies give a more exciting course, I like it ! The graphic design is very good, except the stars that I find not very nice.
  10. During my tests the voltage peaks at the output of the LM358 were not sufficient to light the two LEDs, everything actually matches the fact that they were placed in the circuit to operate as a conventional diode and clipping the cassette OUT signal. The forward voltage of a 1N4148 is not sufficient.
  11. Interesting historical note too! At a time when everything in computing market was going very fast, each month, each week counted. It's sad that Texas Instruments killed its projects for the CC40. It is even more incomprehensible that the firm replaced it with the TI-74 marketed in 1986. At the end of 1983, the CC-40 Plus were finalized, its peripherals and accessories were numerous, even the Wafertape was near to be operational. TI kill all this stuff to replace it with a very good pocket calculator, but launched too late. I asked myself why there was "CD" inscriptions on most of the CC-40 Plus. I don't imagine that C. D. Wilson wrote it during the developpment of the compact computer. If there are logical initials, it would be the ones of the developpers on their own material. I conclude that C. D. Wilson collected all the CC-40 he could for him when TI decided to destroy all the stuff. If it's the case, thanks to him.
  12. Oh! thank you Jon for all these pictures! Interesting! Note that your mini brown PCB has the same problem as I described ! I see that there is a strap on R222 of mine.
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