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  1. Yes! I think that Texas Instruments wanted to increase their profits by proposing a specific power supply to prevent people buying a generic one. In all cases, the polarity is easy to find thanks to a multimeter.
  2. Yes, a two pin 90° DC Power Jack connector, like this:
  3. Typically the kind of computer impossible to repair if one of these custom chips die... Here is the I/O and Video ICs of my 99/2 early prototype:
  4. The Roma's 99/2 computer is not a prototype but a pre-serie. All I can say about the power supply is that is my 99/2 early prototype (#45) uses a DC 1A 9V (center positive)
  5. Alas, it's 7 hours by car far from me 😞
  6. Thank you so much Jim! I come back from a few days business trip and I just discovered your Dimension 4 pictures! So Great!! Since this evening, I will study them. I'm so happy 🙂
  7. Only one rule: patience. It always pays off. One day, prices will return to normal and it will be time to acquire. I have always done that since more than two decades with success. No hurry, it's just for fun 🙂 This should not become a compulsive grabbing following the retrogaming fashion trend.
  8. I'm not agree, It's a really overvalued price. If an another Espial game was sold for a hight price, that doesn't mean that this was the normal price and because it was sold it became the reference value. It's a stupid speculation. By my side I find this game not a must have. Bad srolling, wrong colors choices, poor design sprites.
  9. I tried to win the GSIM auction but it is very difficult to compete with hard core collectors. So sad 😞
  10. Yes! This week-end, I'll comfortably seated, a drink in a hand, and I'll appreciate this moment. I am waiting it since more than two decades! Thank you!
  11. Very interesting! I am impatient to see pictures of the innards of the beast 🙂
  12. Sad to have lost the auction but very happy that you are the winner 🙂 Congratulations Jim! This Dimension 4 will be in very good hands!
  13. Note that the computer on the video has a port for wired joysticks, the Dimension 4 hasn't .
  14. Looking at the photocopy of the IR Joysticks again and again, I thing that they look more like this:
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