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  1. I forgot to say that the GROM 0,1,2 Simulator and the Tape controller daughter cards have been finalized and a first batch of them have been produced. The SAMS card has now a low profile format.
  2. Some months without news, I'm sorry. In May, two of my suppliers informed me that they couldn't provide me anymore the list of components that I planed to order. In addition, the price of some IC grew significantly. I remember all the time I spent to find the least number possible of suppliers capable to provide all the components needed and offering NOS high-standard ones at he lower price as possible. I still haven't find the courage to redo the inquire... Although the V2 motherboard development is ended. During these last months, I have considerably optimized the routing of the 4 layers PCB. Just for fun. I can just say that the TIn-99/4A v2.6 is working well. I only use it since many months, without compatibility and stability problem. I have found just one non-working game: Tutankham.
  3. A good thing! Because using a real 99/4A is assuredly more exiting than emulators.
  4. Just a detail: At a time, the dungeon will need a roof. Maybe that changing the cyan color by a more adequate one will simulate it 🙂
  5. Hi Stuart, I'm interested ! Thank you 🙂
  6. Maybe adding some vegetation here and there on the stone walls could be interesting. Mixing it with the normal wall could break the linearity of the wall. brick-vegetation-texture.rap
  7. Thank you! OK, I'll see for dungeon textures 🙂 I have made wooden door too if you're interested : woodendoor-texture2.rap
  8. Always great work Rasmus! I used the page https://raphael.js99er.net/ to make some graphic tests but I haven't found the way to put the textures on the game code. So I have no idea if what I drew is interesting or not. Here is the texture of the door. If you have some time, can you take a look on it? door-texture.rap
  9. Thank you 🙂 I can't find the wall textures in this file. Is it the one of a previous update? Hard to modify the 8x8 graphics chars without the possibility to test the result on the game. I will try anyway!
  10. Yes, having ported Raycasting on the TI-99/4A is a real feat. Rasmus'work will always impressed me! Rasmus, you're awesome! But I think that (but it is my own opinion) that colors choices and graphics (especially the soldier shape) could be improved and more harmonious.
  11. I'm interested 🙂 Can you detail the way to do that?
  12. I wrote a page about the 99/5 on my website, here: http://www.ti99.com/ti/index.php?article2/ti-99-4b-et-ti-99-5 You can use Google Translator if you can't read french.
  13. Thank you ! Here is the HX5102 that I made a few years ago, based on Michael's work: It works fine :-) http://www.ti99.com/ti/index.php?article31/controleur-de-disquettes-hexbus-hx5102
  14. I own a rev.1 prototype of the 99/8 Computer (number #22). I also own an earlier prototype version of the 99/2 Basic Computer (number #44) and a TI-99/5 (no serial number)
  15. Yes! I think that Texas Instruments wanted to increase their profits by proposing a specific power supply to prevent people buying a generic one. In all cases, the polarity is easy to find thanks to a multimeter.
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