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  1. OK! I will kill the monsters the highest as possible 🙂 This increases the difficulty, a little bit. But the lack of colors disturbs me, I prefer the previous version. EDIT: Oh sorry ! i didn't see that you propose different versions of the game, so I have dowloaded the colored one with stars! Thank you 🙂 I tried to kill the monsters the highest as possible, this is not really a problem but I think that it breaks the gameplay: For each shoot I have to wait the monster to go to the top of the screen, and the game becomes so slooooow to play with. I am not fan of this choice.
  2. I quickly finished the level 9 and hoped to reach a new stage after having the trophy but.. The game returns to the main screen. No more. So, this new version of the game is finished as quickly as before, no new level, and lost colors, it is frustating.
  3. Thank you very much for the update! 🙂 🙂 I just was surprised to see all the monsters becoming white as the ship we play with, instead of plenty colors as I was before. That makes the game a little sad. Why havind removed their colors?
  4. An quick and simple way to get away the heat made by the two LM regulators without damaging the beautiful computer case, making holes and adding a fan is to replace the LM7812 with the TSR 1-24120 from TRACOPOWER: https://www.tracopower.com/sites/default/files/products/datasheets/tsr1_datasheet.pdf And to do the same with the LM7905 using the the TSN 1-2450: https://www.tracopower.com/sites/default/files/products/datasheets/tsn1_datasheet.pdf These components are pin compatible with the LM7xxx, their very high efficiency permit a full load without requiring any heat sink or noisy air cooling.
  5. I completely agree with you, especially since the new names proposed do not really clearly consensus. If FinalPEB/FlashPEB have met a very large score it would have been different, but it not the case.
  6. Yes, the cartridge slotting area becomes hot after some working time. It can be unpleasant to the touch, but do we really have to worry about that so much? Even a the peak of its use, about 8 hours of non-stop of use, I never saw any problem, the computer worked always fine. And since near forty years, I never had problem caused by this power supply's heat. Maybe I'm lucky. If there are components that would appreciate to be freshen, they are the DRAM 4116. I think that placing heat sinks would be more useful. Of course, not to forget to change the thermal paste of the metal blocks that dissipate the heat of the VDP and the TIM9904A.
  7. Yes, the CC9900 is compatible. But you have to follow this way: - Press the space bar on the first screen - When the color bars are displayed, press any key for the next menu - Choose the FinalGROM99 (option 2)
  8. For me a PEB is what it has been designed by TI: a versatile peripheral expansion box, full of slots, permitting to receive all kind of cards, past, present and future. The SSD99 is different, it's a multi function card, embedding features, past and new. Just a thought. I've chosen SDD99 because since the beginning we used to name it thereby. And I like it 🙂
  9. On space fly sequence, the shadow of the ship is present and covers stars and planets, maybe you could remove it during this sequence.
  10. @Ralphb: A simple dead capacitor, these are things that can happen, nothing serious, easy to replace and at no cost 🙂 @Rasmus: Maybe some shells cause a mechanical stress to the PCB? That could explain your problem and for some other users.
  11. Just only one was defective, the C10.
  12. The chaotic behavior of my FG99 led me to a first wrong diagnostic, I think now that the SDCard slot was OK (I just had some luck after changing it), the real guilty was the capacitor. The TIny-99/4A v3 reacts as a real 99/4A and the same problems were observed to each of one. Since a replaced the TTL ICs I haven't notice FG99 problem after a reset on each computer. It could be very interesting that someone also modifies its 99/4A as I have done and that he sends us the result. The goal is to have the more feedback as possible. After, yes, putting the information on the FG99 documentation would be fine.
  13. Low power consumption is one of the characteristic of the HCT series. Among other things, we can also list a very high impedance inputs and outputs that can source more current.
  14. My FinalGROM99 works fine, again 🙂 The issue was due to defective 104 capacitor causing power instability on the Xilinx CPLD. I also eliminated the FG99 recognition problem after a reset by replacing some ICs. A very quick operation on the TIny-99/4A v3 as all the ICs are socketed, a little lesser one on the 99/4A as all of them are soldered. Some months ago, I had to replace two LS138 ( U504 and U505) by HCT ones on the two computers to resolve the Tutankham timing issue (the game on the FG99 crashed with after the player number selection). Now, to make the FG99 always here after a reset, I also replaced three LS04 (U508, U602 and U604). I made this modification 3 days ago and used intensively the Tiny-99/4A v3 and the TI-99/4A with the HCT ICs installed, since I haven't encountered the issue anymore. I have not enough time to explore further the FG99. The strange thing is that some people seems to haven't any trouble with it while other people have some. I would have liked to understand why while all the TI-99/4A motherboards seems to have the same TTL components (same brand and livery), finally maybe not? The FG99 has ended is development. I think that no modification on it can be expected. That said, this is a great device with a very little annoyance compare to all its great advantages. My solution is a just a bypass solution, it works and that's enough for me 🙂
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