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  1. PeteE, do you plan to make a V9938/58 version of your demo? That would be great! I miss your great demo on my computer.
  2. For myself, I like the black sky and white stars in the forest. And also the black color in the trees background, it gives some depth. But, I think that the ground couldn't be a stone checkerboard alike, I find it too pixels heavy that affects the visibility of the scene. Maybe be a more neutral ground could be better.
  3. Thank you all so much! Now the development is end, I will able to find the suppliers for all the components, only good quality ones will be retained. I'll do my best to find the better price and I will back to you to tell you. I have hesitated a long time between the V9938 and the V9958 because of the mouse support on the first one. But the horizontal & vertical hardware scrolling and the better again palette gained the upper hand. And I concluded that a mouse could be added using a serial card installed the an expansion slot. Yes, all the 3 slots are fully PEBOX compatible. Besides you can see on all the videos that a TI PHP1220 and a TI PHP1240 are installed on the Tiny-99/4A v2.
  4. Finally, I have chosen the V9958 as the standard VDP of the computer. Hope that I have made the good choice. And I have just finished its integration and the 128 Kb of VRAM on the motherboard. Of course, it will be possible to upgrade the VRAM to 192 Kb by piggybacking two DRAMs, I have placed a pin header for CASx). I had to greatly modify the routing of the motherboard, it was an opportunity to rethink the SAMS 1MB Memory Extension part (expandable to 4MB). Now a daughter card is no longer necessary, all the RAM memories of the SAMS extension are integrated into the motherboard (so an even more tiny motherboard 🙂 ). Note that the working V2.5 motherboard has a TMS-9918A/29A VDP Here is a drawing showing the final organization of the TIny-99/4A v2.9. The presence of a cartridge gives a better idea of computer size: Click on the picture to enlarge it. These last modifications complete the development of the microcomputer...finally!
  5. I misread your online documentation explaining the ways to use the COLOR command so I thought that we only could get white text/dark blue background on V9938/58 VDPs. As I was far from my Tiny-99/4A v2 computer, I couldn't test. Today I was able to test the COLOR command and it indeed permits to change the foreground/background as I wanted. That's really good! ...I have to continue to improve my English 😛
  6. Happy to read that you've found a/the reason for the random detection of the VDP 9938/58 🙂 I read that FC can display foreground/background 15 colors (plus transparent) in F18A Text Mode 80 columns. V9938/58 VDPs can only display 2 colors in 80 columns T2 Mode) but It could be great to have the possibility to choose these two colors to make more impactful menus. So, do you think to add this ability with COLOR command?
  7. The VDP detection problem appeared again. In fact, it's random. I have successively reseted the computer without power-off it, and in main cases the V9958 is well detected by FC but sometimes not. And when it is not detected by FC, however I can launch programs that uses the V9938/58 VDP with no problem. So we can put aside a VDP issue or VDP adressing problem by the computer itself.
  8. Oh... Since v1.15 my V9958 VDP isn't detected. Sysinfo returns: TMS9918A NTSC 😢 EDIT: Really strange: I have switched off the computer, powered on, and FC regognized my VDP and set the display to 80 columns. Since I tried 3 or 4 times and it is always recognized. Don't know what happened the fist time. ED is great! very very useful ! Thank you 🙂
  9. I think that it is more a V9938/58's bug than a feature. I'm afraid, that's could compromise the portage of the Copper demo...
  10. Thank you for the time you spend to find a solution. Here is the result on my V9958 based computer: ... 🙂
  11. Yes! Now the game works perfectly! Music, sprites collision and speed are OK! Thank you Rasmus 🙂
  12. A lot of programs react on the same way with the V9958, I have noticed that with this new VDP some games are played a little bit faster, it is pleasant. I have also noticed that some are more difficult like 'TI Rex' because obstacles are not moving at the same speed than with the TMS9918A/29. Hope that some games will not become unplayable on some levels. More annoying: I am encountering a problem with 'Sabre Wulf' from Rasmus. Here, the game is too fast, so fast that it is unplayable and the sprite collision is not detected. The introduction music is played very fast too. Adding a V9958 on the computer is a great feature but I wonder if it will not prevent some people to play with some games (past and future) became unplayable... Maybe new games could propose to choose the VDP installed on the computer, but it will surely be a constraint for programmers because so few people have or will have the V9958. Maybe a solution for the computer: I could put the VDP on a separate board, as an option, permitting to choose the VDP that one has chosen to use. It will not be a card to plug 90° to a slot of the motherboard but in the prolongation of it and without enlarge its dimensions (there will be a free space for it as we can see on a A500 motherboard for the expansion RAM) . It's just a thought.
  13. Thank you for your answer. When I launch the Copper demo, nothing appears on the screen. I took a picture of the raster program
  14. Oh Sorry! Yes, Sometimes99er is the author of Parallax.
  15. Thank you ! I think that the project is finally aiming to this kind of solution. There will be two configurations: - A fully built motherboard & keyboard, ready to use. - A motherboard populated with all components but the TMS9900, TMS9901, V9958, TMS5200 & PHROMS, MM58167, SN94624, MX key switches and caps, permitting to people that already have these components as spare to acquire the computer for a less price. The goal will also be for me to be sure that the motherboard sent has been fully tested OK. I have already tested a large quantity of programs and I near haven't noticed compatibility problem with the new VDP. At this time, the only non compatible programs found are Parallax from Retrospect and the Copper Demo from PeteE (I am not surprised because it was especially made for the TMS9918A/29). Such a pity because I like so much this demo... Hope one day to see a V9938/V9958 version! 🙂
  16. Thank you 🙂 I have made low level tests that uses the specific V9958 graphic modes and the daughter-board well reacts: the VDP is well recognized. To show you that the computer now accepts the new VDP, I used G99. But this program only uses GIF format. I don't know if there are programs (tools or demos) that exploit other things than the 80col mode and 256 colors features, like full color palettes in hi-res graphic resolutions. If some of you have other V9938/58 graphic programs, I'm interested! I have hesitated a time before choosing the V9958 instead of the V9938. The first offers more colors, more hardware acceleration and higher resolutions than the second and that's great. But the second offers the mouse support... Hope I made the good choice.
  17. Impressive! The music, the large variety of the textures gives to the game a unique atmosphere, I like it!
  18. At the beginning of 1982, my dad begun to buy magazines specialized in computers. I suspected nothing because he always interested in technologies and sciences and, at home, we usually used to read books and magazines dealing with vast subjects. In fact, he had in mind to buy us (my sister, my brother and I) a computer for Christmas. He searched the best home computer at this time. And my parents have chosen the TI-99/4A. I remember the cartridges they bought too: Music Maker, Number Magic and TI-Invaders. There were also some tapes for learning the TI-Basic language. I liked to play with games but rather quickly I began to write programs listed in magazines then I programmed my own ones. TI-Basic was too limited so I bought TI-Extended Basic then Mini Memory. The PEB was too expensive and I only was able to buy a 32Kb sidecar expansion and continued to save my programs on tapes. In 1984, the 99/4A was commercially dead and it was very difficult to find programs and hardware. So, I turned to an other fantastic computer: The Apple //e, then Mac computers, then PC computers while keeping my Macintosh computers. But during all these years as computers technician, I kept my 99/4A not far from me. In fact, I never really stopped to use it. Since, I bought many software and hardware expansion for it: I realized a child dream. I don't often play games with it (but I test all new games released), I use all my time with it to learn its hardware, to maintain/repair my computers and hardware, to develop hardware expansions/hacks and even an entirely new computer based on the 99/4A (the TIny-99/4A currently at version 2) the one I dreamed to have when I was young). Just for fun. This TI-99/4A is fascinating and I could never enough thanks my parents for this present, 38 years ago... Already!
  19. I am surprised by how the COPY command works. Configuration used for the test: a stock TI-99 / 4A, a TI floppy disk controller, one single floppy drive. The floppy disk inserted in DSK1 contains the BASIC program: TEST I type: >CD DSK1 >DIR FC lists me the contents of the floppy disk: NAME TYPE P RECLEN SECTORS ---------------------------------------------------------- TEST PROGRAM P 81 16 Everything is normal so far. Now, while I don't have a second drive, I type: > CD DSK2 The command is accepted. This seems to mean that the management of a disk in DSK2 is accepted. So, I type: > DIR The command is well accepted and just sends me a carriage return. But it shouldn't because this drive is missing. We should see displayed: "No disk in Drive" or better : "No Drive". Because otherwise, one could be tempted to launch a command of the type: > COPY DSK1.TEST DSK2 Which of course doesn't work.
  20. Yes, a real embedded text editor is the better solution, it is also my opinion. In fact, I thought about the command COPY CON not to give you too much work 🙂
  21. Happy to see the SYSINFO Command! Just for information: On my European computer, SYSINFO displays "TMS9918A PAL". In fact, it should display "TMS-9929A" because a TMS-9918A is only for NTSC. Do you plan to allow the creation of a simple text file on a device? Like COPY CON as on MS-DOS. It would be very practical to quickly and autonomously create AUTOCMD files.
  22. Yes ! The updates go at an astounding rate! Thank you for your work and your intently listening ! 🙂
  23. Yes, you're right, it is not MS-DOS... but you clearly inspired by it for the majority of the commands you create for FC. So, the ">" prompt could also have it's place on FC 🙂 This is a more relevant prompt than a "$"
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