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  1. I have repaired many TI-99 material since at least two decades, repaired the CC-40 plus, TI-99/2 and the 99/8 prototypes that I have received in bad conditions, maintain in perfect working condition too my 99/5 prototype since so many years, I work hard on my website to offer a lot of information and nice pictures since 1999, I have shared to the TI community the dump of all the ROMs of my TI prototypes and finalized the development of an extended version of the TI-99/4A. Hope it's enough to be a recommendable person 🙂
  2. Beyond these battles (completely anecdotal), I just hope that the winners of this pieces will repair/maintain them in an operational state, study and share informations obtained about them. There are so many rare and interesting hardware forgotten since many years, lying on shelves.
  3. There is a typo error on my first message that, I think, most of you have corrected: The computer has 1MB SAMS RAM 🙂
  4. You should go to my page to get the spectifications of the computer. It has a TMS-9918/28/29A VDP installed
  5. The Tiny-99/4A v2 computer is finalized, its PCB is arrived to its last version: v2.6. I will plan to order a first batch of v2.6 PCB (5 units) in some next weeks. For my own needs, I have assembled two TIny-99/4A v2 based on the PCB v2.3. It is the one that you can see on my website, here: http://www.ti99.com/ti/index.php?article138/tiny-99-4a-v2 Two other v2.3 motherboards have been also assembled, they all works fine. I used them for some software compatibility tests but, now, I won't have any use for them, so I decided to propose them in exchange for Texas Instruments TI-99/xx prototypes (only). These two TIny-99/4A v2.3 motherboards have the S/N: 002 and 003 (I kept the S/N: 001 and 004). Maybe someone could be interested in them? Some notes: - The differences between v2.3 and v2.6 are minor. All of them have the same behavior and the same features. - Each motherboard is equiped with a SAM RAM of 1MB - The VDP installed can be a TMS-9918A or a TMS-9929A, on your choice. - Just only 4 TMS5200 remains in in my stock and due to some difficulties to get this speech IC, the two motherboards will be delivered without the IC. You could use the one inside a Speech Synthesizer.
  6. For me it's not a possibility, it's a certitude 🙂
  7. This 99/4 is a pure beauty! Thank you for the pictures 🙂 It would be a real pleasure to repair this prototype. Is there a way to have some pictures of the motherboard and its daughter board? Thank you by advance!
  8. Hi ! I'm very interested to acquire your prototypes.
  9. Thank you for this information. Meanwhile, I continued my quest and I remembered the museum that has the beast: The Smithsonian Institution 🙂 Here are some other pictures: http://smithsonianchips.si.edu/texas/t_433.htm Hope one day that we can see its innards!
  10. Has anyone ever met this strange bird in a US museum? If yes, can you tell me the name of this museum? Is there some other pictures of it around?
  11. I don't understand why your adapter is so long. A compact one was better.
  12. I just wanted to congratulate Ciro and Fabrizio for their pretty board and say that they took a different way to make a RGB converter. And I found it interesting. No more. Even the result is also good, I don't use LCD monitors with the converter, only CRTs. My converter generates RGB signal from the 9929A VDP, it is just a part of the bigger project, I will no make a thread for that.
  13. Yes! And it's my way of life 🙂 Sorry about the poor lighting of the video, I made it 30mn ago, it is 9:25PM here and I used my smartphone. But this already can give an idea of the possibilities of my tiny converter: http://www.ti99.com/misc/RGB.mov I am right-handed and I Held the smartphone with my right hand, on the video you can see that I can not do anything with my left hand, even turning on a switch! LOL If you want, I can redo a video this weekend, in broad daylight. A result is even better. You're right, choosing Op amps is a very good solution. My eyes have 53 years old, may be it's the reason but I don't see any difference between pictures generated by my PHA2037 converters and the one I made using NPN transistors.
  14. Hi 🙂 Pretty project! My TMS9929A to RGB converter (the one I have made for my TIny-99/4A computers) has a different approch. It only use some NPN transistors, resistors and caps. It's footprint is tiny too: about 3/4 the size of a credit card.
  15. Ok! I understand but I'm sure that the Restless game is full of potential! I'll be patient 🙂
  16. Thank you! It's a very good game! Do you think resume the development of Restless II? I like it 🙂
  17. FarmerPotato, It's a great document! Thank you very much!
  18. The best result is RGB with SCART TV/Monitor using the TI PHA2037 video converter.
  19. Hi, I am sorry for the delay of my answer, I am very busy since some weeks. About the Tiny-99/4A v2 computer: I am face to little problems: All the IC suppliers that I have contacted have not answered to my tariff request. It's incredible! Maybe they are too rich So, I have to contact new suppliers. The keyboard that I have developped for the computer is mainly based on the Noppoo Choc Mini Cherry MX keyboard (plus the numpad). Once again, I have difficulties to find the keycaps for it, and for a reasonable price. As the TI-99/4A keys writings differs from the PC keys, I have to find white letters/numbers/punctuation stickers. I still haven't found the good ones. I finally wonder if I shouldn't propose the TIny-99/4A v2 as bare motherboard and keyboard PCBs. Sure, I will be a little bit desapointed but if I don't find a serious serious IC supplier, I will make this decision. Tomorrow I wil take a picture of the finalized keybard (the serial product). To my mind, it is very pleasant ! Hope it will be appreciated by all
  20. A real pleasure to play with! I like it ! Thank you very much
  21. I have a EPROM/EEPROM/PAL programmer : Here is the list of the PLDs it can read/write: 20 pins: 10H8,12H6,14H4,16H2,16C1,10L8,12L6,14L4,16L2,16L8,16R8,16R6,16R4,16X4 24 pins: 12L10,14L8,16L6,18L4,20L2,20C1,20L10,20X10,20X8,20X4,20L8,20R8,20R4
  22. So, I tried to find the most used computer, I think that it could be a stock silver 99/4A (the one I got when I was young) but I'm not totally sure because my TIny-99/4A is very heavily used too. I had to repair my first 99/4A at many time, as I use it a lot since 1982 but only with original parts so I think that I can say that it is always a stock computer. I glued a sticker on the backside of it not to confuse it with the about twenty other silver 99/4A computers that I own. It is the most important one in my view.
  23. I can't vote, because it is complicated. I have several stock TI-99/4A computers, some modified, and some with the electronic redesigned/upgraded too.
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