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  1. You definitely care enough about peoples opinions to be an abusive little shit everytime you get the tiniest opportunity. Im blocking you as well now so i wont have to take abuse, for having aesthetic tastes, from a old man with way too much time on his hands.
  2. Then why not go with a longer for everyone? I mean its not too inconvenient for those who want a shorter cord, but its very inconvenient for the ones who want a longer cord. at least make a poll and see what most people prefer and make your decision after that? i mean sure you pay for the setup costs, but people are buying these from you. i think the majority should be your decision regardless of what the majority wants. not a demand but a polite suggestion. if nothing else, please make attractive extension cords that do not look like rgb cables for computer monitors (which is what most are, with the tightening screws removed (or even still intact!)), id pay a fair price for attractive extension cords if you feel you have to make short cables for the controllers.
  3. Glad to hear it. Since some people for some reason wants to sit close to a tv and want the cable to be short, maybe you can do a poll and make one batch with longer cables for us who want those when running modern setups, and one batch with smaller cables for those who want that "purist" approach with a small crt? Personally i think its easier to deal with a cable that is too long than one that is too short, but if its between too short or too long, and you can only run one length id prefer too long. Sadly, extension cables for the jaguar are especially unsightly compared to other systems. Im still gonna get my set regardless of lenght of cable. Hell, if this becomes a best seller, maybe you guys would even entertain the idea of a bluetooth version down the road? I hate cables, and with todays technology, bluetooth introduce minimal latency if done right, that no one but competition players will notice. Just food for thought.
  4. Awesome news! But pretty PLEASE, make the controller cords long enough for modern living rooms and big screen tv! I would love to not have to use extension cords, which i have to do today.
  5. Simply because 1, Ataribrian, and myself, never got responded to (i sent in two emails as i forgot my name in the first one) and 2, its just an interest check, not a preorder where you would expect a confirmation email. Thats all.
  6. Fair enough, just wanted you to try it for yourself is all.
  7. I was thinking more that you must know SOMEONE who has a pc running windows, on which you could try the game.
  8. You dont have access to a single pc running windows in late 2017?
  9. I have tried out a previous version of this game, and it was really fun. I am definitely down for a boxed physical copy down the road! In the meantime, i will update to this new version of the game.
  10. Yeah you can use that all over europe, just get a uk to standard adapter, thata what i used to do.
  11. Thanks for the update saint, im gwtting extited to be able to order this from you in hopefully the near future, as when you are ready to take orders.
  12. I was simply saying id prefer the jag logo to a snarling jaguar. im fine with nothing. vinyl on a controller is just tacky in my opinion, but each to their own.
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