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  1. It's gonna be a while I think. I'm only in the stage of experimenting with effects so far, and judging from the emulator subject I'll have to get some real hardware to test it on first, as well as finding someone to make a tune. And I'm also working on a C64 demo for X2012, so it could easily be postponed to after that.
  2. In other words, do I need to test the demo I'm working on on a real machine before releasing it? I'm planning to get one of course, but I'm not sure when. For instance I have read that you should avoid setting the sprite motion registers in the first 24 cycles after an HMOVE. This can indeed cause trouble, but in some cases it seems to be working fine, on Stella at least. Can I be sure it will on a real Atari 2600 as well? And can I count on the colors to be correct, especially when it comes to luminances? This is relevant when mixing colors from different hues to create alternative gradients. Any other PitfallsTM?
  3. Hi Shadow, haven't gotten to bank switching yet, but it can't be long I hope. So if I encounter anything that could be improved, I'll definitely start punking him. Otherwise you can mail him or post on the CSDB-thread. He's usually open for reasonable changes.
  4. Editor: Gedit on Ubuntu Asm: KickAssembler, since I'm used to it from C64 Emulator: Stella Building: A small shell script that tells KickAss to start up Stella if compilation was succesful, called from command-line Graphics: All done in the source code so far
  5. Thanx, and I guess it's time to start playing around with random noises then
  6. Seeing these got me motivated to restart some Atari 2600 hacking, which I first tried out about a year ago. Damn, it's fun to try coming up with ideas for effects on a machine that is this limited. So with a little luck, expect a Camelot demo soon. I need to find someone who can make a tune btw.
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