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  1. 114 okay i have no idea what I do , but I read your tipps First : I dont use the defense, cause it spend time , when you let him run . second : onside kick, thanks for the hint........ and I use player choice as a tactic, what ever that means okay that is my last one
  2. @jagchris i do the same, press the button , and hope ill catch them only by the kick , i see there is a display for the strenght
  3. @JagChris thanks for goofy and good questions @Rick Dangerous we play 5 Minutes @Machine ok that is a option
  4. okay !,now i have 45 point But i have no idea how the defense work.
  5. shit, im a german and have no idea about American Football........
  6. great scores !! it is a an 80s arcade game
  7. @Rick Dangerous we have 2020 🙂 (Round Over Sunday 1/19/19)
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