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  1. @eltigro , do this , it is more fun to see Scores sometimes it pushed the competion When the Thread has Traffic
  2. @Eltigro , good score . I have the problem, sometimes i lose in ohne Level 5-7 Lifes BTW ill Try to catch all Power-ups , cause the bonuslevel are good for the Points !
  3. "selfmade" it is a gift from my girlfriend
  4. 599301 it is my 2nd best score, what i ever did
  5. Every Time when i see youre score , ill think : i need this TV
  6. Perfect , but when ist the first round over ?
  7. Ok perfekt But i have one critical Point I Cant play three Games, cause all three Games are on one Cart, ;( Tempest 2000 Checkered Flag Raiden Atari Karts Rebooteroids Xenon 2 Protector SE Breakout 2000 Revenge of The Mutant Camels Llamatron Gridrunner Joust
  8. im also a hufe hockey amd BHH fan, i love this game, cause you can learn amd master it. i remember that the first month, i lose every game with a high score, after that, i play it like real hockey , pass the puck, go into the gretzky office, and so on. and it works, one of the game that i,play it again and again. now it is my 15 session
  9. thank you that the HSC is still alive, ok for me the st. ports are okay, but i dient have them ans my skunk is brokern . so i think you start a poll !,
  10. looks cool, shit that my skunk is broken , hope ill can fix it, cause the game looks like fun
  11. @travistouchdown youre my hero , i hope that many guys will play with us the hsc , i think it would be good , to,start a thread in the normal Jaguar Forum , to invite people to the hsc
  12. @twoquickcapri thank you for the great HSC, for me it was the best here on AA. i hope that there is someone who can continue this. i would do that, but my english is so bad ;( , come on guys please, let the HSC not die .
  13. This round im out, My Skunk doesn't work, The USB connector ist broken...
  14. @twoquckcapri i think you forget to count the points;)
  15. Yep , you can save time ,wHen you didn't get 100 % :-) see my second floor , it was 76 % and I need 75 % , that was so PUUUHHHH
  16. Floor 1 : 02:18 Floor 2: 06:33 Floor 3: 02:03 Total : 10:54 I´m lucky on the second floor , 76% Enemies :-) we need 75% PUUHHH
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