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  1. Today i get an Email with Tracking number from Piter, so let see what happends. For me at the Moment everything is allright .
  2. Ok i Hope i get my two Controller grey/Black
  3. @isgoed ill test the B2k normal not the proto And with the sillyskunk it run but with a lot of grafik problems, so you cant play it.
  4. @doctorclu, ill test the B2K rom with the sillyventure Skunkboard and with the skunkboard V2 and with the last one the rom works.
  5. My tips . After Level 10 i Never Look to the parachute End Boss i fire only from the back .
  6. What is the shipping price for europe/germany and i also wait for pics
  7. But not the best..... i love this game, its one of my all time fav.
  8. You need this ?u http://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.html?SystemID=JAGUAR&SoftwareID=2510&ItemTypeID=MANUAL
  9. That is a very good news today
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