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  1. That is a very good news today
  2. 236770 @austin i saw the Video. Amazing thx for the hint, But it is Not my game
  3. Wowowwo whats happend [email protected] great score im not so good in this game
  4. Today i was able to tested my lymx-mod, and ita amazing , very good job thx McWill
  5. masematte

    Metro 2015

    I didnt know this game, but it makes a lot of fun......thanks CJ
  6. There is no trick 1. Keep cool , and look where are the best plattform 2. Catch all the fruits and items. 3. Have fun ..... It is not a good idea to play it with the rotary, the d-pad is the best
  7. @spacey Invader , sorry but its a little more now 64847
  8. @isgoed, i cant really hear a different sound...but at the titlescreen there isna complette different song on the df+ version
  9. Ill send you an pm,, pit me in for : Jaguar and Cart Shell
  10. I never regonized that, ill test it tomorrow , ...
  11. http://reboot.atari.org/new-reboot/jiffi.html
  12. Or used this gui http://www.harmlesslion.com/cgi-bin/showprog.cgi?search=skunkboard See the installer in the middle of the page
  13. I used jiffi to create a rom (not headerless) and it works
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