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  1. @doctorclu, thx for the map and your hell, let See it i can try....
  2. Oh come in, doctorclu i hate you Des bubsy is a shit game, but in the other site it is a gold game, it you want learn it , i hope i can finished the fort level , is there a map anywhere ?
  3. I know you can cause i saw your Videos, my Problem is i like "linear" Jump 'n Run games, and bubsy is not 'linear' as Rayman .
  4. Haha doctorclu you (and your Videos) are the reason , that i change my mind and play bubsy again and again, but i dient finish level one.....
  5. I testet it with PAL and NTSC JAG and two different CD-Unit, and i geht only black screen
  6. I test it on a NTSC Jaguar, and there was only a "Bug" in the part Ehen the face was morphing, and the load time was around 2 min.
  7. Wow amazing, the music, and the graphic are so smooth and great Never See that before, test it in a real 60hz Hardware... Good job
  8. Wow nice collection, i like the idea, that you have for catbox and i habe none
  9. Gorf himself is a "pirate" Copy, but i know what you mean .
  10. @twoquickcapri THX for the Video, i See that i lost time in the First corner and in the s-curve Herr my fasted time 0'35" 19
  11. @Chris, i think u can use dropbox, to share the files.
  12. Good news, perfect....when we get information about the payments
  13. @Chris,its a good idea from felyx to share your box files , so everybody can print them, in the past felyx do a lot of Cover for the the CD Homebrew games . @felyx , no i think (i hope) youre on a worng way. there are some Germans who ask Chris , if he can print them und sell them on the jagfest, cause not everybody ( like myself) has a A3 Laser Printer .
  14. Perfect Deal, the packing was superb.... and everything was in good condition and were are talking about a Atari 5200 .-) Thx
  15. I dont have this too, my copy is 100 % OK. It looks Like a Problem with the CD unit
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