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  1. 1999 complette it , for me the 5 Anti Gravitiy Level was the hell and i must save the game so there are not so much points
  2. This is amazing , so Brady would be like Gretzky for NHL
  3. First Time for me that I see a Super Bowl live on TV , cause I want see if the "Miracle" comes true .....Respekt to the "Oldman" Brady...
  4. ill post my high score ...there no more space for me @Machinegreat score , i think its better to let the score..right ? okay im more in Hockey .
  5. 54 , ill try to get interrupts and not let them score .. @Machine great score
  6. play with Kansas, I have no idea about football , but a friend told me play with KC, that was my choice 28
  7. 152,750 conplete it again some Tricks , Collect the Money . And some Tracks you have enough time , so Drive Slow Not in the Limit , cause the repair of the engine is expansive and you dont need to win the race
  8. the last level, terrible yes... and i tried it around 20/30 times... i dont know of we need the money, but i saw that last time it was posted, .. but let see what @Rick Dangerous means ....
  9. last time it was with money, but im sure you save round 34 , and can drive the last race again.
  10. i think when we have the same level, then we look to to the money , but i dont know
  11. okay complette , i hate the skill tests.....
  12. so we play it complete in one time , or can we save the game ?
  13. Today I buy Alice and Escape from Orion, but both files has a red screen, any ideas ? I have the newest firmware on my GD Card Edit: found the solution, the card was not correct in the Jaguar !
  14. Yes great round, and again, I like Supercross 3d @LianneJaguar64 Great time, the only under 33 sec
  15. ill try but for me this round is over, can't beat my time
  16. For me its allowed , cause its not a glitch, it is driving and jumping skill
  17. oh come on , i hate it ! 😂 okay next round supercross, but i dont see any chance , to beat this ..
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