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  1. I never See a Battlemorph cart, are you sure that you mean battlemorph ?
  2. Yes i know, but im a freelancer and the most time of the week im not at home.
  3. First Score 89500 I dont know why, but i think that is not my game for good highscore. But i try it :-)
  4. If there is a 2. Run Plesse count me in list
  5. Hello Marc,great work , Plesse count me for series 2
  6. 1:13:74 Great game, but i think that there is space enough for a better time :-)
  7. Hello , im a new owner of a 5200 system, im thinking about the SD Card, is it similiar the same a a harmony card ? @ Ninja can you send me the ZIP Zoo :-)
  8. 101620 , this Werk i haqve no time to play games, hope i can do it today again
  9. Look here http://www.thehelper.net/threads/nuon-toshiba-sd-2300-can-play-burned-dvd-r.158182/
  10. He can , i made copies of my original games, and i can play them.
  11. First Score 1: 1,11,05 2: 1,18,95 3: 2,03,80 4: 1,24.50 5: 1,14,80 6: 1,26,80
  12. At the moment , im not at home, ill take a pic of my highscore in monday :-)
  13. I can send a memory cart, directly to him , i live in germany, so that would be my donate for this.... Great guys !,, i need bis adress....
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