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  1. 824700 Button tapping yeah , Evers day a little bit closer to isgoed :-)
  2. I know it but i make to many misktakes to change the extra weapon, i didnt used the Numberpad, i used the Option button , so that is at the Moment my mistake
  3. Great and i think a perfect score, at the Moment i didnt see that i can get it. But ill try :-) :-) :-) Congrats
  4. Great score, i think i must have the mod controller :-)
  5. @twoquickcapri, thanks to you , that you keep hsc still a live. Why you dont have a score ?
  6. OK i think this are my top five. Avp Atari Karts Doom Pinball Fantasies Power Drive Rally And Superfly DX
  7. Wow you can complete bubsy without a cheat, respect
  8. Good score, lets get ready to rumble :-) :-) :-) :-)
  9. It doesn´t matter when it released. But please release it :-) , cause for me it is one of the best games for the Jaguar !
  10. Its perfect for event, only one thing what i must pick up
  11. At the Moment , inside is a Skunk..... but with help from Nick P. i want fix the cartridge slot in front of the housing where the floppy slot is. If you know the Mac SE .-)
  12. Thx for the Video, good music in the backround
  13. You can see THW score in the reboot side, but there are not the competion scores
  14. Great sound..... It has something Luke a epic game or a great adventure sound. @VladR Plesse make a small Demo :-)
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