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  1. ok here is my first one, 12150 yes it is a great game i like the VR Mode , but we must play the 3D mode :-)
  2. Super , ich mag die alten Berichte. Und muss zu geben.das ich von 1986-1993 dem Konsolen bzw Atari fremdgegangen bin. Von daher kann ich mich.nicht erinnern den 7800 je live oder im Magazin wargenommen zu haben.
  3. Hello AL Can you put me on the list for an Pal Copy + Box
  4. Wow you are crazy i hope i can reach my best again But defently is this not my game.
  5. Here is my first one, but it is not my game 60201
  6. Yeah i try it but no chance .... Congrats to the House Cat
  7. 23.11.13 24.11.13 near Duisburg/Düsseldorf Germany
  8. Thanks that you bring the Kiosk to the continent , now Cologne is not so far away from you
  9. Received, Its a real cool old school shooter, makes a lot of fun great job, Thx guys
  10. Received, Its a real cool old school shooter, makes a lot of für. great job, Thx guys
  11. it you have.a preorder.list, please one copy for me
  12. Oh no, the baby cat strikes back Ok ill try it again
  13. For me it would be a good solution with the RGCD Cases. I think that is a good way for homebrews cases for the Jaguar
  14. No that is.the.challange it is a litte bit like tetris Its not a problem to fit the in the gap. Look on youtube some Videos then you see the procedure
  15. No No if you ask me ,we can stop it now
  16. Ok im a new one Race1: 01:16:10 Race2: 01:11:50 Race3: 01:20:20 Race4: 01:13:50 Race5: 01:25:10 Race6: 01:34:60 I hope i Do it right. And if it important Pal 50 Hz Jaguar
  17. eat this 18184 :-) an yes please delete your last one :-) so come on its up to you
  18. @der Luchs , i try every day , but.the best is around 12 K , But i only.want.post a pic when.i.get your Score But puhh
  19. So i do the first one beginner ( no continue) 11716
  20. :)Let see.what.happend., i hope i.can.handle the small cat
  21. Sometimes it needs more than 20 years to do the right choice It you want a tech demo than cresent galaxy is good for that And a very good Jump and Run is Rayman
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