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  1. @der Luchs , i try every day , but.the best is around 12 K , But i only.want.post a pic when.i.get your Score But puhh
  2. So i do the first one beginner ( no continue) 11716
  3. :)Let see.what.happend., i hope i.can.handle the small cat
  4. Sometimes it needs more than 20 years to do the right choice It you want a tech demo than cresent galaxy is good for that And a very good Jump and Run is Rayman
  5. Looks great. But i must also try a lot time, that it runs with my SKunk 3 The Intro is very good
  6. I hope thatit doesnt works
  7. it Looks better and better. I like the particle Effect from the Jetpac. it would be great when there are: Sound FX , when you press the fire button and collect the Parts . Its better when you lose a life, if you crashed with an Enemy and not start from begining to collect the rocketparts. youre on the right Way
  8. Great Stuff , i like it. i hope that i hear some of them in the next games
  9. Wow look Great, and i played it around 20 Screens, . i like the music it would be Great when there are different Screens, not the Background , but the Plattforms. Let see when it is finished
  10. got mine today #31 (Germany) great work, and Thx for the Goodies
  11. this my white JagSkunk, ill painted also the Cart and the Controller
  12. i would play a game like DK , or other Old School Arcade Versions
  13. Hey Al Did you already send Infos for paymant ? if yes is didnt get One , if no, then i'll wait
  14. x-max 81 i think a Light Sixer, with Space invaders and Bowling
  15. its to expensive you get it the store for 109,95 $ http://songbird-productions.com/catalog.shtml
  16. Hello are there any Updates ?
  17. @gunstar yes you are right
  18. tested an a Real jag with Skunkboard , its great no Slow down . it would be Great, when you see on the Radar is it a pilot or am Enemy . Very good work
  19. today my copy arrived Germany, Looks so great, i didnt have an NTSC VCS , so i do t want Open the copy. Did a European tested it on a Pal VCS ?
  20. Perfect , canit wait after Christams, so i think it arrived germany in January :-) Mery X-MAS and thx again for the copy
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