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  1. Hello here is on a German Videogamestory site a story about Pelé and Atari Germany . Of course it is in German but also picture there , have Fun wirh this... http://www.videospielgeschichten.de/kopele.htm
  2. That are very good.news. hope you have enough
  3. I thimk to Controller is Perfect to hold, but i have One Where the dpad is perfect, and One where the dpad is Feeling Very Flabby, but Overall the Controller is Not so Bad as the Most People thinking .
  4. ? what is the Status from Boulder Dash ? Is my orde on the Way to Europe ? Kr Masematte
  5. Double Dragon 5 is one of the worst game ever.
  6. I know some Guy in Germany , Look here http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/192622-batch-of-limited-rotary-controller-made-in-germany-announced/page__pid__2474572__st__25#entry2474572
  7. Its so voll when i can give you an Order for orange Buttons ? And a white Shell
  8. For me the price would be nice and fair enough .
  9. Cool very cool i like it. I want a white Shell and Orange Buttons
  10. Both would be nice , but i prefer Jag Events
  11. For stupid people like me is there a Calender with all the a evetns ?
  12. masematte


    I would by a cart too
  13. Wow its so great with the music . Its a wipeout feeling now. Perfect game Thx to you both !!!!!
  14. @felyx i agree 100 % with your last sentence
  15. Hey whats happend with the jag scene. The last auctions der really crazy . Wow i trink i must sell some games from my collection No never .!
  16. masematte


    Could be BTW very good guitar player
  17. masematte


    Here is my time for the tubes Noobs: 31.9 Alpha: 32,9 Zen: 27,7 Rama: 41.6 Deaslus 1:04:5 Cyrus 1:07:2 Cave 1:02:0 Speed 1:17:5 BBQ 1:21:4
  18. masematte


    There 9 different tubes (tracks) , if you mean that with tracks
  19. masematte


    Curves : up and down is a solution , i like the idea I think bis game is worth enough to continue it. Please
  20. masematte


    First of all, Thanx for new stuff and thanx for this game .-) i like it but i have so many wishes :-) I want good backround music I want rotary control I want curves .-) again i like it !!!!!!!! The sound files are from F-Zero ?
  21. Thx i didnt see the button in the mobile version
  22. Ok its clear btw when you will release rebooteroids ? Lol Dont hit me
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