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  1. Oh with the Tunnel is not so difficult . But i think in the second run the game is very hard, i have problems with the fuel. At the Moment my best is 31670 .
  2. WTF !! i try the cba buttons trick on each screen in the game ! but not on the Raptor/u-235 Screen,...... Lol im so stupid :-)
  3. I Like it . First of all, The music ist great, the sounds are great of course the graphics and the gameplay is great. Thx for that port !!! and thx to Felyx for the DVD ART , i prefer the lego Style !!!!! BTW: Do you released it as a collector CD ?
  4. Nö Super Cobra was the Second on the Same Engine like Scramble . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Cobra
  5. Yeah i like it, i like the skramble, i grew up in the 80 "s please more stuff like that
  6. Hello here is on a German Videogamestory site a story about Pelé and Atari Germany . Of course it is in German but also picture there , have Fun wirh this... http://www.videospielgeschichten.de/kopele.htm
  7. That are very good.news. hope you have enough
  8. I thimk to Controller is Perfect to hold, but i have One Where the dpad is perfect, and One where the dpad is Feeling Very Flabby, but Overall the Controller is Not so Bad as the Most People thinking .
  9. ? what is the Status from Boulder Dash ? Is my orde on the Way to Europe ? Kr Masematte
  10. Double Dragon 5 is one of the worst game ever.
  11. I know some Guy in Germany , Look here http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/192622-batch-of-limited-rotary-controller-made-in-germany-announced/page__pid__2474572__st__25#entry2474572
  12. Its so voll when i can give you an Order for orange Buttons ? And a white Shell
  13. For me the price would be nice and fair enough .
  14. Cool very cool i like it. I want a white Shell and Orange Buttons
  15. Both would be nice , but i prefer Jag Events
  16. For stupid people like me is there a Calender with all the a evetns ?
  17. masematte


    I would by a cart too
  18. Wow its so great with the music . Its a wipeout feeling now. Perfect game Thx to you both !!!!!
  19. @felyx i agree 100 % with your last sentence
  20. Hey whats happend with the jag scene. The last auctions der really crazy . Wow i trink i must sell some games from my collection No never .!
  21. masematte


    Could be BTW very good guitar player
  22. masematte


    Here is my time for the tubes Noobs: 31.9 Alpha: 32,9 Zen: 27,7 Rama: 41.6 Deaslus 1:04:5 Cyrus 1:07:2 Cave 1:02:0 Speed 1:17:5 BBQ 1:21:4
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