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  1. the last level, terrible yes... and i tried it around 20/30 times... i dont know of we need the money, but i saw that last time it was posted, .. but let see what @Rick Dangerous means ....
  2. last time it was with money, but im sure you save round 34 , and can drive the last race again.
  3. i think when we have the same level, then we look to to the money , but i dont know
  4. okay complette , i hate the skill tests.....
  5. so we play it complete in one time , or can we save the game ?
  6. Today I buy Alice and Escape from Orion, but both files has a red screen, any ideas ? I have the newest firmware on my GD Card Edit: found the solution, the card was not correct in the Jaguar !
  7. Yes great round, and again, I like Supercross 3d @LianneJaguar64 Great time, the only under 33 sec
  8. ill try but for me this round is over, can't beat my time
  9. For me its allowed , cause its not a glitch, it is driving and jumping skill
  10. oh come on , i hate it ! 😂 okay next round supercross, but i dont see any chance , to beat this ..
  11. For me its normal , to Check the Track, where you Can Save time. Is it the Double Jump, the small Long Jump or Jump over the corner. but the „glitch“ is another Story .. but let See what happends , at the End it is a Game and a lot of fun . 😂
  12. Wow 🤩 that is the Best time , i ever Seen . The same when we Play CF dont know if it count ? @Rick Dangerous What are you saying .
  13. 33,36 sorry for that , please don't push it under 32 !!
  14. i also used the pro controller , and again my setting is :Soft Soft and Gear high I ll never break, and jump on top of the table okay first time a : 33 second round 33,98
  15. yes you are right... i,like the game on practice mode, to beat the owen time, but i hate it on the race mode
  16. 34,94 same as @WilcoL but not fast enough for @LianneJaguar64
  17. yeah im european , but i play on a NTSC machine... But for me there is no problem with pal version... so from my side ist okay .
  18. wow great lap time: i remember our battle with checkered flag
  19. my best time was : with gear HI and the rest soft , cause it a soft course The problem is to handle the frame rate when you steering the bike, and there is a perfect line
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