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  1. For me its normal , to Check the Track, where you Can Save time. Is it the Double Jump, the small Long Jump or Jump over the corner. but the „glitch“ is another Story .. but let See what happends , at the End it is a Game and a lot of fun . 😂
  2. Wow 🤩 that is the Best time , i ever Seen . The same when we Play CF dont know if it count ? @Rick Dangerous What are you saying .
  3. 33,36 sorry for that , please don't push it under 32 !!
  4. i also used the pro controller , and again my setting is :Soft Soft and Gear high I ll never break, and jump on top of the table okay first time a : 33 second round 33,98
  5. yes you are right... i,like the game on practice mode, to beat the owen time, but i hate it on the race mode
  6. 34,94 same as @WilcoL but not fast enough for @LianneJaguar64
  7. yeah im european , but i play on a NTSC machine... But for me there is no problem with pal version... so from my side ist okay .
  8. wow great lap time: i remember our battle with checkered flag
  9. my best time was : with gear HI and the rest soft , cause it a soft course The problem is to handle the frame rate when you steering the bike, and there is a perfect line
  10. @Rick Dangerous ,ill think it is better we do this -Start the game and select "Practise" and then "Seattle" for your track. Record and post your best total time here! Cause in the race there is no time i like this game, dont ask me why , and yes im grazy
  11. the same by me : Before i regonized what is there in the 3rd Level , i died by the first enemy
  12. 36600 , cool I finished the second level, : At the End its easy , you must run run run, and jump, jump jump Cause when you wait for climbing the ladder. then there are the plant enemies .. and you get did . but when you run, you can handle this. At the End there is a Boss Fight : it looks like a dragon ?!? Okay then I killed in the 3rd Level.... it looks harder the the second one
  13. yes the second level, is more like a jump and run game.
  14. 24600 the first level is hard the second level is the hell I found out , that some weapons have a special attack , if you see a flash in the window in the middle , and you press the B button for a while , you have a powerful weapon there are different one
  15. Today i got the game , but it is hard.. 16400
  16. Did I missed that game ? is there a rom or is there a store where I can buy this ?
  17. i love this game, also the A2600 Seaquest, the problem is when you lose a live, you lose 2 or 3. cause you want go down . after Level 12/13 is is terrible fast , an you lose your oxygen very fast.
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