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  1. Got mine today, an test it also for 10 minutes , I like it , and l like the music, Bach is so great ... good choice
  2. 38620 wow Great Score @doctor_shred @Hyper_Eye
  3. i get all the rabbit and hit the arrows. Yes i used the break by the two haarspins corner. and i play with the pro controller and used the shoulderbuttons for the steering
  4. an ill buy 9 shields, and need 4-5 for the first meteor shower
  5. the meteoroid shower is not fair without Shields 133100
  6. wow , that is a good price ...
  7. 70300 that is typical Arcade Style, you know after a while, were you must go ..
  8. 101.905.230 it was only one perfect ball, with one extra ball and ramp bonus, and then I`ll get 20 Mill x 4 as a Bonus on the End ...
  9. im in not the last one 37000
  10. 71.169.500 same here , i have no idea , how i get these points, but i seems that you must jump between the tables
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