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  1. 114 okay i have no idea what I do , but I read your tipps First : I dont use the defense, cause it spend time , when you let him run . second : onside kick, thanks for the hint........ and I use player choice as a tactic, what ever that means okay that is my last one
  2. @jagchris i do the same, press the button , and hope ill catch them only by the kick , i see there is a display for the strenght
  3. @JagChris thanks for goofy and good questions @Rick Dangerous we play 5 Minutes @Machine ok that is a option
  4. okay !,now i have 45 point But i have no idea how the defense work.
  5. shit, im a german and have no idea about American Football........
  6. @Rick Dangerous we have 2020 🙂 (Round Over Sunday 1/19/19)
  7. no it was my first stereo receiver+ Portable CD player + Speaker from Yamaha , I is a complette set .... and it is for the music/sound . You can see the two Speaker between the controller. the CD player is on over the receiver, here is the complete set
  8. For me the Jag is the one and only System what I still play and collect (Ok im finished)
  9. good point ! better is that we play the skirmish mode !
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