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  1. what is more important ? Distance or pick Up ?
  2. doctor_shred, great score but sorry, this is my last one from this evening .... 65410
  3. 48800 ! i like the game, ok hard but like an old arcade game
  4. shit, but i had only the saturday 687 was mine
  5. 569300 is my score for this round, and I had this game ! Good Grafik, but I don't like games , where I must search the exit !!
  6. my personal best 286350 @Machine thx for pushing me, and you have a great Score !
  7. score for this week, I hope I can do another try next Sunday . too much work this month 121750
  8. 0´33"44 I think this was not a perfect lap ....
  9. great choice, good game , good time 0´34"06 edit: sorry it is australia ,,,
  10. @nuclear , cool poster from the warriors, best movie and a very good OST Reset your High Score, the you can entry High Score Around 10K , .... btw good score
  11. masematte

    JHL 20

    thank you, now i can play with Leon Draisaitl of Domenik Kahun
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