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  1. If it's in the 35-40 dollar range, I'll take the Linux box. Ready to pay shipping now.
  2. Is the Linux box still available? What would shipping be to 62801?
  3. Looking forward to this! Thank you for all your work!
  4. Juist curious is there is any news on the HOKEY chip? I"m ready to smash the Buy It Button! Love my Concerto otherwise!!
  5. Not quite sure where to put this. I just had a quick question about the HOKEY chip. Whet it becomes available, I'd like to place an order for one. I "need" it! lol
  6. He did get back to me. He is indeed still working on assembling this wonderful piece of technology!
  7. This is slightly off-topic, but where may I post or send a message to receive an answer about the Concerto Cart I reserved on 12-27-20? I've messaged @batari but have not hear anything. I know it takes time to put these together and I'm not in a hurry at all. I'm just curious if it's getting close or not to me to place my actual order. I really look forward to this! I already have my Encore and love it!
  8. Hi @batari. I've tried to contact you a couple of times with no luck concerning the Concerto cart I reserved on 12/27/20. Just curious if it's getting close to me.
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