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  1. Thank you for the update! Please keep us posted. Ready to buy it now!
  2. It’s mid-September and I just remembered the Pokey socket is still empty in my Concerto cart! Are they available publicly yet?
  3. I know this is an old thread but here is my 2 cents worth. I just scored a Nano PEB for free with a huge TI lot. I stuck the TI Extended Basic cart in the slot and the Nano in the side slot. Be sure to turn on the Nano first, then the console. If all is well, you should be greeted with the NanoPEB-TI splash screen. Select 2 for Extended Basic, from there it should go right into CFMGR and give you several choices of what to do. I think I chose Catalog to list everything on the CF card. It was that or "List". I'm at work now and don't remember. I took 9 screenshots of what it listed. Quit out and go back to "1" TI Basic. Type "CALL MOUNT (1,X) X= any volume on your card) Say, CALL MOUNT (1,50) hit enter, quit back out again, this time choose "2" for Extended Basic and if that volume on your card works, something will load.
  4. I pm'ed you

    1. thanatos


      FYI, you are not sending private messages, you are adding to status updates publicly.

    2. garycimera1968
  5. I have someone who could pick it up on Monday if you still have it.
  6. Do you know a person by the name of Gabe?

    1. BydoEmpire


      Yes, as a matter of fact I do.  Very good guy.

    2. bluejay


      I knew a Gabe once. He was an asshole. 

  7. Has this been claimed yet? I actually know someone in Kansas City. I just contacted him about a possible pick up
  8. What would shipping be to 62801 if you are offering shipping.
  9. I wish I was closer. Love the Quicksilver!
  10. wait. How much is shipping from Ontario?
  11. I look forward to filling the empty socket in my Pre-Production Concerto with it!
  12. Is the sweet HOKEY coming closer to being released? Still interested! My Concerto has an empty socket to fill!
  13. I'll take it if no one else has!
  14. I give tests at work!
  15. Yes I do! Looking forward to stuffing one of these in my Concerto!
  16. Any new news on the HOKEY chip? Still ready to buy it now!! LOL
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