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  1. Atari 1030 in action https://youtu.be/3BJARaDA2hI
  2. I never used Atari with modem before. In 1986 my father bought us Atari 800XL with Atari XC12 program recorder back in Poland. I rediscovered Atari in 2010 when my brother's friend found in his cellar Atari 65XE without power supply, be able to use it I started searching net for spare one, that's how I got hooked For me this "atarimania" it's like journey to the past when you can experience "alternate reality" To have your dream computer with all possible peripherals, all possible games and programs just 25 years later...
  3. Try the one I used. http://www.incanus.demon.co.uk/
  4. 300 baud is the only safe way of communication this days
  5. I agree with you on subject of camera stabilisation but please forgive me my excitement when I was connecting to Nostromo... This was done in 2014 using BT landline in UK. ATARI 1030 is 300 baud.
  6. It's my ATARI 1030 in action https://youtu.be/3BJARaDA2hI
  7. Don't worry NTSC guys have phase/tint control on TV/monitors to adjust colour to match PAL as close as possible
  8. I have just opened my Star Raiders cartridge
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