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  1. Just be careful that you're not calling routine "1" which saves R11 to SAVRTN, which then calls routine "2" which saves *its* R11 to SAVRTN. Routine "2" will return as intended, but routine "1" will then return to the same place that routine "2" returned to ...
  2. Mike, I'm not sure why you've got every routine wrapped in a "MOV R11,@SAVRTN" and "MOV @SAVRTN,R11". You only need those if the routine actually modifies R11 - including making another BL call from within the routine.
  3. The 9918 has been rotated 180 degrees on the QI board, so anything might have happened ...
  4. There's no sign of them having burnt? Good catch! The +5V rail provides about 1A, so R9 and R10 between them need to dissipate around 5W. 3W 0.56 Ohm resistors are readily available - do a bit of Googling and see what will physically fit. Looking at the photo of the 99/4 PSU on the Mainbyte site, that has those resistors with colour codes and they are 5%. If you measure the voltage at U3 pin 2, does that come up to 5V immediately? The delay is just due to C15 charging through the high resistance R9 and R10?
  5. For the transistors, I'd just get replacements and see if it fixes the problem. Personally (but I'm no expert), I'd try replacing in order: -- Q1 and Q2 -- C15 -- D9 and D10 -- U3 -- C11 and C13 I would think the resistors are OK unless they are visibly damaged.
  6. Check the output of U4 pin 2 (which may be an oscillating signal - not sure). Does this signal change over the period it takes the 5V rail to come up? If yes the problem likely to be in the components around U4. If no, problem likely to be in components around U3.
  7. We don't know how such a routine would be used and how big the data blocks might be of course, but might there be scope to leave the data where it is and maintain a pointer to the data? Or maybe a linked list of pointers (and data lengths) for a block of data split into sub-blocks?
  8. None of the Lantronix versions of the Browser still on my website will work at the moment due to a change to a hard-coded IP address. But if you want to give me a shout once you get your UDS-10 working then I'll sort out a tweaked version for you.
  9. But would that method fail if referring to a disk by name (DSK.MYDISK.FILE) as a disk can be changed at any time?
  10. Ricky was first in with a PM. Chips now taken.
  11. I've been given some chips to pass on to someone who can make use of them: -- 2 off V9958 VDP -- 4 off 41464 RAMs -- 2 off CXA1645P RGB to composite encoder All untested. 'Free' - but £2 + cost of postage from me in the UK to wherever you are. Payment required by PayPal once posted and I know the actual postage cost. If you're interested, let me know. Stuart
  12. I've got some 9929's here looking for a new home. If you want a couple, PM me your address and I'll pop them in the post.
  13. Stephen - where in the world are you? Is it a TMS9929 you need?
  14. So when a task is created, could you set 5 data words to the values needed for the SAMS registers? Then before calling the HIMAPPER code set R4 to point to the first of those words, and change HIMAPPER to 5 lines of MOV *R4+, *R1+? You could then do away with the AI R4,>0100 instructions.
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