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  1. When will Linux get some Sio2 love...
  2. I'm jealous.... I don't have this game yet...
  3. I was a HUGE fan of Pacman in its heyday. I remembered waiting in line with my quarters at the local 7-Eleven store for my turn at the arcade machine. I was so happy to find out that Atari was coming out with Pacman for the 2600. I remembered that it was sold out in my area so I had to wait for the next shipment. I slapped down $50 for my cartridge - that was a lot of money for me back then working at minimum wage (~$3.10/hr) for a local restaurant. I thought now I can finally play as much Pacman as I wanted to at home. So much for great expectations though, it was such a let down for me to see what I actually got. What a disappointment - a rip off! I couldn't take it back once it was opened per the store return policy. I got stuck with it and HAD to learn to like it. But, I became very wary of Atari from then on. From there, I moved on to getting my Atari 800 computer which I still have. I was much happier with the Pacman version for the Atari computers. I just gave Pacman Arcade a try. I didn't know anything about it until today. Man, I would have been so happy if this were the version that I shelled out $50 for. Better late then never I guess. Great job RK! You were not alone my friend... till this day I hate looking at the cart for the way it made me feel when I got it as a kid.
  4. you saying the supercharger can read roms in mp3 file format? At watt rate?
  5. Not knocking Al at all... so if it sounded that way... sorry Al. My intentions were to use my past exp with Al and the AA store as an example, or better yet as trustworthy and pleasant reference. Thus implying that my 1st exp with GDG was just as good. In other words... since Al set such a high standard, IMO GDG passed with flying colors... Hopes that clears it up...
  6. Just ordered and received some games from GDG... good communications and speedy service. So far my exp with them has been as good if not better than dealing with Al. So very happy with GDG at the moment.
  7. I really hate to say it, but I been waiting since x-mas. I figured Al has to be very busy, and ordered from GDG last week. Otherwise, I would have bought from Al in a heart beat. I just hope all is well with Al and he is just taking a much needed break. Raul
  8. They look great... You da man....
  9. Just noticed the list is full... think I'm gonna go to my corner now and cry... this sucks. I need to check this site every damn day it seems...
  10. IMO... all of them are better on the 7800. But I recommend owning both if you can... why not?
  11. I laughed when they backed the car over it & when they shot the other one... I guess I'm a sick mean person with some odd humor... lol
  12. I am getting close to finally upgrading my computer. However, finding a MB that has a serial port is quite a challege. I have picked an Nforce 9300 chipset board and while this board has a pin header for the serial port, the internal serial cable is hard to find. I did find another solution that brings me to this post. There are quite a few USB to serial adapters available and I would like to know if anyone is using them with their Kroc cart. Thx in advance...
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