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  1. its still a bug! IBM encased a bug in plastic and placed it into one of their systems.. you got one for free! Woo Hoo!
  2. Not a single mention of that fact that you have a bug in your system! IBM would be abhorred!
  3. Nope 7.1 is not on the site.. I got 5.3 and 6.6 and both seem to be missing side B.. Dammit Jim! Talk to Scotty!
  4. Well i got 2 more 83S DA 005980 USA 72R DA 06483183 Tiawan
  5. Hello there. Just got my 1050 Happy up and running and I need a copy of Warp Speed Software that will work with on original 1050 happy. Thanks
  6. WOO HOO! Instructions are WONDERFUL! I was able to install my 1050 Happy upgrade with controller into an older TANDON drive and I am HAPPY once again
  7. I haven't purchased an actual mylar yet but i have two keyboards that have came preinstalled and they are great! I have myself repaired two keyboards with silver conductive pen as well as drawing up a small nub of solder on the pads that mate to the mylar, to eliminate that wafer spacer. Cheers!
  8. Nope it just wired up straight up. The thing that stumped me was that it is the ground and not 5VDC that sends the signal. I will find it soon and send you picks. it is possible i had to send it full stroke but the stroke is minimal with the size of the pots and stick. Douglas
  9. I broke one of these out by hand and it is a direct replacement for an atari joystick with all the same numbers across the screen when under test. might be good for your application https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9032 Douglas
  10. Does anyone have a recommendation for the name/quality or functionality of any give board? It seems as thought there are many makers of said board. And is there a tutorial as to how to install the VBXE to the GBS? Thank you Douglas
  11. I sincerely wish to apologize I dropped many f bombs and I was upset but very unprofessional. I hope that I haven't offended anyone. Peace! Douglas
  12. i will look at that. but to fuck up on an xel as well as an xld? its not in the cards.. its not a solder issue! it is a 15 khz monitor issue I an not gonna spend 250$ for a SC`1224 monitor EVER! Douglas
  13. everyone has dead to nuts video and i aint got shit
  14. i got the 1080x1024 to start with. I have a new 1536x960 that i have yet to install. Either way i schould have got some fucked up screen to start with............
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