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    Canonsburg PA
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    Building a multipurpose atari 8 bit laptop.. ask me about it.. 13.3" lcd screen and a switch turns it into a DVD player OMG.. where is the bluray HD???
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    insane stuff.. Assassins Creed Rogue, Splinter Cell
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    something that i can play on PS3 UNTIL I BUILD MY GIRL ROBOT..

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About Me

I am a Silly Valley Guy.

At 50 years old... I actually grew up in Sunnyvale.. OH WAIT.... I did spend one semester at Sunnyvale High School before it was shut down for being the worst school in the district.

Scores of 17. 19 , 21, and Homestead was in the 90's

Fremont was in the 60's


I have been to B&C when it was a storefront.

I have been to Weird Stuff (moved but still exists)


My first Atari was a 600XL, buddy told me to take it to another store and get credit..



I did have an 800xl once, Omni XL, A Happy all installed under herbage but It all worked..


In 1985 I was one of five folks that had a PC on an aircraft carrier. Wired up into my upper rack (headroom) Mini TV and the like. COOL DEAL the first class boss and I punched in the code from Compute and Antic mags..


Never really played a whole lotta games.. Just the ability to program and go from there made me happy//..


The 520 ST was the pinnacle. I was dealing with star system generation, star types, habitable zone location, asteroid belt location..TRAVELLER TM shit



last time I played Adventure.. I blew out by bladder an died!








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