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  1. if you have a rat tail micro file you can remove a little bit of brass from the installation side and that will help get it started and in position to press on with the clamp
  2. I did the 12V fix and the super video 2.1. Do you have an SVID cable? Do you have an SVID TV? I have the UAV (as well as the actual UAV flying model airplane.. the symbol on the board is from an RC airplane) Anyway, depends on if you want older school or crack addict new tech. I personally think older school is more fun as you learn as you go, but plug n play fits some people. I have 4 1200XL in various states of missing chips bit its fine.. Enjoy!
  3. So the pen change button operates a solenoid that ratchets the revolving chamber. When you powered it up did it try to draw 4 boxes my moving the paper back and forth and up and down, and changing the pen between each attempt? It the paper did move up and down it means that you still have good gears for now. As for the power supply yes that is the correct PSU same as the 1050 Disk Drive power supply. Another similar PSU is for the 1027 printer and that has more amperage and If that PSU was used in may have caused a problem. Unfortunately, you need to determine the power problem first. Check for burned out resistors or issues closest to the power plug. as well as the voltage regulators attached to the heat sink along with capacitors and resisters near there. Good pictures of the areas mentioned may help us help you. Douglas
  4. yes it is for wire wrapping.. but it seems to work only well with square shaped pins. the wire bites onto the square edges of the pins and those pins are extra long to wrap more than one signal on them. No I don't have a punch-card as a bookmark!
  5. I bought the same stick and broke it out! it is not a digital stick! Atari consumes the resistance values and corrects them to Atari digital figures. I have already broke this stick out. All joystick values are analogue??
  6. Sparkfun has the stick and the breakout board that will be exactly like and atari joystick but a nintendo thumbstick feel. the numbers delivered to the atari joystick port are identical to what atari is looking for.
  7. I am still misunderstanding why you think this is a digital stick? The one I got from Sparkfun broke out to every correct output for every direction pressed.? A "Mouse" is digital a joystick is analog resistance values.?
  8. here is the boards but i dont have the schematic and as you can see the second stick is not attached and it appears as though my wiring is wrong for the second stick but the first stick works great
  9. I recently tested 4 1050's on 1 foot cables between them and the 1st happy drive was fast at transfer. the other three stock drives saw moderate loss of transfer speed down the chain and drive 4 was half the speed of drive 2. So cable length does effect transfer speed as all of these drives were set to 188 RPM. The happy drive is just faster because it is Happy. drive 4 had effectively 9 ft of cable... 3 ft thru disk drives and a standard length sio to computer. Cheers! Buy Doge!
  10. I have 2 850's and since I will never play with one again I would be willing to part with the lesser one. probably browned, but a proper paint would spiff it up. not sure about dings but you would get a second 850. Do you do Dogecoin?
  11. I bid on the most beautiful 1200XL in my life! it hit 850$ and i missed the bid by 99 cents. You just have to WANT it!
  12. Well.... It works.. but the device mangler still doesn't recognize it. But it does work. I was frieking out because the device mangler didn't recognize. I also put it on a 4 port hub and its playing nice now. But I still have a unrecognized descriptor in device mangler. When I was running 64bit win 7 I did get the Atarimax driver info but now I don't. restarted APE and it said USB mode was good. Got a ration about virtual and serial ports but last line was that APE was ready. loaded an ATR and hit restart on computer and it loaded. Thank you for your support!
  13. I have an Atarimax APE and I cannot seem to find drivers for the unit for Windows 10. The drivers on the disk are 64bit, however Win 10 doesn't recognize the device. I can never seem to get a response to be registered on their forum but it don't matter as the drivers dont seem to exist for Win 10 on the forum. Has anyone got the APE to work in windows 10? Is there a way to force Win 10 to use the drivers from a different platform? say win 7 64bit? Beuller...Beuller...Bueller
  14. A DA input card would be awesome! 8 analog and 4 digital would turn an Atari into a PLC. Voyager 1 and 2 left with an 8 bit, the Shuttle left with the first laptop but it was triple redundant and as well the had a thing called majority rules. pretty frieking cool!
  15. Yea BUT.. What the hell would you plug into the 1090? Where are you gonna find those cards? Dont they have to be 8-bit communication? Just asking..
  16. Well I resurrected a 1050 Happy from numerous drives and attempts as well as a bad power supply which was problematic to say the least. However, when I run Happy Software Suite 6.6 it states that no happy drives are present. It works great as a disk drive and all the lights work with the switches. I am using Sdrivemax to load the ATR file and it loads but with no access to the physical floppy disk 1. Do I need to send my ATR to a floppy? How would I do that? Do I need to plug in my SIO2PC USB from Atarimax to read disk speeds. I did use that to set the RPM on my disk drives but that was prior to using the 1088XLD. OR Spartados! Any 1050 GODS out there please respond... Douglas
  17. Well I have completed the OS mod chip swap by using 28 pin sockets and they drop right in. Modding a 1200XL for a myIDE upgrade, or was it a 512k upgrade i forget. I used Component carrier sips for the 0 ohm resisters which would make it a little easier if you need to revert back to original. And you can just put the original chips back in the correct pin sockets. Peace fellow 1200xl dude! Douglas albeit I was a couple of drinks into it but here are my pics of the bare 1200XL MB that I took. motherboard.zip
  18. "It's working! It's working!!!! Just a few images.. THANK YOU Mytek, McRorie, FJC, Simius and et al. Now I just gotta figure out how to use the darn thing
  19. THANK YOU.. it worked and I am now the proud owner of one insanely sharp video mod! BRILLIANT!
  20. I am truly blown away by this mod! My VBXE never worked. My original Sophia-C never worked. My GBS8200 WITH RGB2VGA for XLD worked but always required resetting and it was in PAL color scheme. I have upgraded a 1200XL to Super Video ver 2 and that was very clean, however this screen is so sharp I might cut my fingers tracing a line on the monitor! Absolutely BRILLIANT Simius!
  21. I tried to DL the .zip file and the DL FAILED AS A VIRUS WAS DETECTED. Just saying.
  22. I don't know what DEADSTOCK is but I bought a 65XE Mexican built from Best Electronics and it is still the same machine. Brand new in box. Fired that mutter up no problem... Douglas
  23. Well, I built one and it was a bust. I had a few IC sockets that at the time I did not notice that there were no holes drilled into the pins for my gold plated machine pin sockets. I had to drill holes to correct but to no avail, it was a failure. de-soldering is a bitch! I built another one and it fired right up! Expect a trouble or two but... persevere! Enjoy your build and ask before you leap! Douglas
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