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  1. Well,

    I built one and it was a bust. I had a few IC sockets that at the time I did not notice that there were no holes drilled into the pins for my gold plated machine pin sockets. I had to drill holes to correct but to no avail, it was a failure. de-soldering is a bitch!

    I built another one and it fired right up!

    Expect a trouble or two but... persevere!

    Enjoy your build and ask before you leap!




  2. Unfortunately,


    I am using the PIC as is but I have to go thru the button sequence to select my resolution every time I power back up. and I found that you have to be quick about it.

    I am also still getting the red led blink followed by two short blinks.

    When I adjusted the onboard switches to a different resolution, i did get a half second green led. I assume from what I have read in the thread that that is the GBS initializing the parameters.


    Cant wait for Sophia 3 to come out.


  3. Well,

    It took me a three week endeavor to get this to run but it now works.

    1088XLD and VBXE and VGA2RGB carrier board.



    I have very muted colors. Attract mode colors are off. 

    I flashed my GBSCTRL PIC out of unit using the joy2pic stick.

    Switches in the correct place and I have a stable pic to my VGA input on my screen.

    I have a DELL monitor on the way and perhaps that will help.


    We will see...



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  4. Thank You Very Much!


    I was chasing issues with three 1050's giving BOOT ERROR  and swapping mechs and MB


    Wound up being a bad power supply.


    I DL instructions for what I thought was a dead happy and whooldathunkit... It works with a tandon mech and installation instructions.



  5. I went through swapping motherboards and mechs for my four drives in total frustration recently until i found that I had a defunct power supply.

    Just enough power to get the power up and head seek and park at start up but boot error after that.

    A new power supply and I am back up to two stock and one happy drive. the other was used for parts on my 1088xld..


    9 VAC is what you should read on the supply.. mine was putting out 15 vac so it went in the trash.



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