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  1. the finger pad controls touchscreen is difficult but i did finally land my lunar module. the fire has limitations but it is really solid for what you get. only one vidoe format works mp4 and you have to have wifi to sync with your purchases, books, movies etc. only 8 gig unit. I like the size in the hand but i will probably go with the ipad when ipad 3 comes out.. Merry Christmas
  2. Just paid 10$ for 99 atari arcade games that I can play on my kindle (android platform) and yes they are represented in vector graphics form as the originals! BIG SMILES AND GIGGLES HERE!!
  3. just bought an svid cable for the xe..an xegs..a 65xe..1020 plotter..(5) 3 foot sio cables... another 800xl hardware whore here.. when I get the right system modded and running than i can get back into programming and playing games
  4. I wish to buy this upgrade from B&C but they have misplaced the instructions. Does anyone have a set that they have scanned? Still working on video connectivity issues.. once resolved I will be doing some serious modding of my units.. Thank you! Douglas Berlier Class of 84 Sunnyvale High
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