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  1. Where to find the acrylic case... anyone.. Douglas
  2. I had a power supply go south on me and I got the boot error for known good drives. Check tour voltage on the power supply. Douglas
  3. no worries.. nothing to see here.. move along... The VIDEO in is a much better place than the TV in.. The name is Dumass.
  4. part number 399-9870-1-nd is not the same as in the BOM pn 399-4329-nd just wondering????
  5. well this kinda sucks. Powered up my XEL for the first time and I got nothing. I do have 5vdc in all the right spots, but i have no video at all. Using composite at the moment but no joy. I swapped out my U1MB and my Sally and my rom and my GTIA and still nothing. placed a jumper at OSC but nothing. Douglas
  6. well i have an APE and it works 90% I can use it to load images to the computer I can also use to load disk to the computer I cannot use it to to cut ATR . I cannot usu it to check drive status I am told that i have no com port connection. I have tried all comm ports help
  7. okay so now i can install, but i missed the plug intsallaion
  8. I am interested in one. PM me the info. Thanks Douglas
  9. As it turns out when i opened up my happy drive J6 was in fact off of its plug my one pin. I am unaware as to what J6 does due to a loss of all my tech data. The plug was towards the front of the drive by one pin.
  10. That's great thanks.. The square pad is the deal. The socket was inserted 180 out. SRAM on the way
  11. Hey do you know if this is the proper orientation for the HART chip? The socket is reversed but the square pin is under pin one as this photo expresses.
  12. Thank you very much I am currently clearing the holes of solder for a socket for the one 8k chip which will be replaced. Kinda wondering why the power up sequence don't work if you have a bad ram chip? Wouldda thought a controller chip..
  13. WHAT is wrong with this picture? Turns out i didn't notice the fact the pins had no holes. Two 18 pin gold machine pin sockets were bad. My repair is to suck as much solder out as you can with a hot soldered wet wick, then cut the plastic away so that you can get to the pins.. Then a hand drill and the correct bit to clear the via's of solder.. drill from the solder side to clear the holes to ensure you don't destroy a pad. This board has great via's and you can do it! Douglas
  14. Well that is what dead A8 computers are for!
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-Of-Atari-SIO-Cable-Plugs/173981990336?hash=item2882227dc0:g:wp4AAOSw2x1dQNii
  16. they look great! as for machinations go but just the plugs
  17. check your daily they are on ebay... very machinated... but no sockets yet
  18. well somebody just made printed plugs and the pins are also available.
  19. I have two 12 button controllers, it appears as though they were for the 2600 or the 5200. they terminate in a joystick controller plug,, they are for sale! 30$ for the pair you pay shipping Douglas
  20. Atari smoked a lot of pot back in the day. It's akin to the scientists on Antarctica wondering where and when is that freiking pizza gonna get there!
  21. I pulled a happy out of storage and it did not do the power on sequence. I pulled the drive mechanism and tried it in a known good drive and the mech worked. I pulled the two chips from a known good board and installed the happy in it. No Joy! Your not gonna believe this..... I then installed the two chips that i removed from the drive when i installed it back in 1984. I still had the chips!!!!!!!! Now I have a working 1050 drive but the happy is dead. I am in need of and where do I find the following.. UM6502 94p64b-2583 HART-ECMT-R2 BIG GI ON PRINT 8638 CMA THANKS Douglas
  22. Probably get spanked just wanted to let y'all know I have a parrot in box, disk and i will throw in a short rca cable Rather let you know before I head to Ebay..
  23. I am interested in looking at and watching and debugging ansi graphics for the opening screens for old school BBS's. I may incorporate the coding into a new game and i want a database of images to get an idea as to where i can go with this artistic medium. I found a lot a few years back but cant find it now I wish to add a few atacsii vignettes into my game as it progresses. I wonder if it requires a modem line to run? Thanks, Douglas
  24. Just bought a sealed NIB 1020 printer. Save the gears..?!?!?!?
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