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  1. Even with the issues that seem to be happening , I would be interested in getting an antonia board. Where might I find one? Douglas
  2. Killing ME! I need a public release! Thank all of you that are working so diligently to vet this board. Douglas
  3. I love it! still some die hard 1020 fans. I have two shrink wrapped in box so I hope the gears held out after all these years. Douglas
  4. I bought this like foreverago its in good order. i think 30$ It is rare museum piece.. I will ship it You look up its application, it seems to be fine with eight bit Douglas
  5. So the cartridge slot will have to be milled out of the top case? The 90 degree angled slot of the 1200XL could work here with an extension to the backplate?? just haven't seen the cart come to fruition yet.
  6. where do you find 40 volume cream lightener? Douglas
  7. I am also a 1200XL fan and i owned 4 at one time.. I would buy one in excellent condition for 200$ plus shipping to Pittsburgh PA. interested in dead units that have decent cases for 80$ Douglas
  8. You make me want me to say Happy Thanksgiving due to your tenacity and drive and I thank you immensely, although I am sure most of us have been treated with the best Christmas present ever at one time. Happy Hanukkah and or Merry Christmas. Peace Love and Happiness!
  9. Was it an Atari? I landed in Kingman Arizona with a dead radiator. The Business i arrived at was a radiator shop. OLD SCHOOL! I saw him look up my part and it was definitely an 8 bit program. It probably wasn't an Atari but the whole process took me back to the 8-bit. His inventory was entirely driven by an 8-bit computer and the invoice was a digital representation of an 8-bit era printer. He still runs his tight inventory and clean billing on an eight bit. he didn't look for the part online! he saw that he had it in stock! I was blown away! and when your driving cross country.. he didn't rape me for cost. LABOR cost a bit but i made it on my way with no more overheating. eight bit worked for me.
  10. I am not going to start a new thread. I just wanted to show you my build. It cost a bit more, more.. But i have no intention or need to do this again with gold contacts. I will do the same when the 1088XLD comes of age. I was the last of the few that did this.. I wish I was involved when it happened. I cannot wait until i get my flashed PIC's Douglas
  11. Hay kinda the same thing here. I would love to help in the process. I don't care if it sounds like a machine gun but has anyone thought of silicon? Kinda a pink orange rubber that is very easily molded yet I am unaware if it work well at these small dimensions. Side note... I am VERY interested in a clean case to mod a 1200XL keyboard enclosure for a 1088XEL build. Thanks! I will repost in WTB. But feel free to PM me Douglas
  12. Wow you have a printed case! so you do that sort of thing on your offtime..hehehe is this tru? also can i use two dual cf adapters? I really like the pretty blue top lid but i already have the dual backplane, so.....are these units compatible like the multi IDE cables suggest?
  13. sorry the piano was drinking. i tried to plug in the idc into the JTAG
  14. He evidently used a micro header in stead of a standard IDC header..
  15. So anyway I got the new U1MB from lotherak and the large headers work like a charm but the little header dont fit at all.. Douglas
  16. BTW, What is the key capacity? can i use a 104 key? Atari only had a 54 key board!???? Douglas
  17. Found it and i am in grossed in fingering it out thanks. I thought the schm files were for your mini boards but it seems that the most of your mini boards are connector space.. Thanks Douglas
  18. But the switch matrix is mechanical and the drivers are needed to use this thru the joystick port. but you could in theory wire the switches into a 1200XL or likewise keyboard during breakout.. ie wire the CX85 swithces to your mylar.. Douglas
  19. I would check the connector at the motherboard as well as the resistors associated with the data lines from the keyboard. Get the matrix as in last post and test continuity between the switch matrix
  20. A pinout of the TK-II would really help.. Thank You! Douglas
  21. Just a question about old midi vs new midi... I see that BEST is selling an old ATARI MIDI peripheral. Are there any differences in the new MIDI keyboards vs the ones from the mid eighties? In other words if the new keyboard has power, MIDI in and MIDI out, I would think it would work with the older ATARI MIDI peripheral. Douglas
  22. can anyone tell me the orientation of Q3 and Q4 transistors under the Pokey chip? Douglas
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