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  1. I may be old school but I am not one room old school.. Can I run the UAV as well as the VBXE simultaneously? Douglas
  2. Mouse select?! I remember back in the 19th century latter half.. I bought a Thing called a RAT. It was a Mouse for the A8 but it was aptly named I also had a thing called the Parrot (sic) which was the first entry into audio recording for the A8 sorry tangent.. So can I use a stock ST mouse with this mousetari thingy? I do recall that a hack could be done on a stock atari trackball to turn it into a mouse.. damn i am old! Anyway I am more interested in a stock 1200xl keyboard (with the cx-85) keypad (WIRED IN FOR NO DRIVERS NEEDED) for my 1088kel laptop build BUT BABY STEPS are good. ONE 1088XEL is good lemme go back to that Douglas
  3. But me and Paypal dont get along and Wells Fargo thought Fraud because i bought out of country... so i am in limbo for the purchase.. [email protected]@it Jim! Douglas
  4. His page states that all of them are now with straight header. Current rate is 84.95$ with shipping. Douglas
  5. I dunno.. But he is selling this one now for 64$ USD I do believe. It is called the U1MB Upgrade. Douglas
  6. anyway it doesn't matter Lotherek is gonna send me one with straight headers. yes i will pay but then i have two of them. Douglas
  7. Turns out they are 9.10 apiece but they are gold plated.. also i spoke with a hacker on another AA trend and he stated that the dual decoupling caps actually will help any noise. I just felt that a build would require a good foundation Douglas
  8. well i have done that. i take them out one pin at at time and stop after four or five. i come back later.. frame of mind or the what not Yes desoldering means destroying a board if not done correctly. I hope it lives till the morrow
  9. thank you for the clarification.. the lost pads will be dealt with i hope at the source i have cash but 70$ for a header issue chaps my hide! Once again i bow to this build. not you but all of the guys involved have made my day! i can solder and i understand a bit but i do bow to those that make the ATARI live beyond its years,, If i could get you all together in one place I would buy you all a very expensive shot of scotch! and then i would ask if you had any spare parts...
  10. PUPPY! i remove you from my list of evildoing cat strokers......
  11. I get this.. no worries BUT the 2x5 in the XEL dont match up to the 5x4x2 headers on the U1MB. they do with the 5 and the 4 where did the 2 pin header go? Douglas
  12. yes i have just removed the smaller one and lost three pads in the process. I know what i am doing as well at 14years old i aced a class in electronics assembly.. but the square peg that went into that round hole is SO tight that it is bound to happen. lets hope i can save the U1MB Douglas
  13. sorry i think it was the 51 ohm resister for the 1200XL build
  14. good job on the sram but there is a 2 pin header that is missing from the scene.
  15. This is a mute point! there are no UAV's available so I am currently building a brick
  16. No there is not 2x5 in the middle of the 1mb there are three headers in the middle of the U1MB a five a four and a two.. side by side where did the two pin header go? Douglas
  17. close the thread? i need a board! or i have a 1088xel brick!
  18. there is a row of three headers for the little guys and the 1088 has only two sockets ??
  19. you soldered that sram directly to the board? I am not worthy!
  20. no dont grow up! some brown and beige paint and its an Atari! Douglas
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