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  1. dont try to desolder yourself.. i lost three pads and that was on the smaller header. Douglas
  2. i am currently building one and understand the timing issues from USA vs Europe. I was at sea on a westpac and bought a vhs player and the clock lost ten minutes per hour. OTAY! I get that.. but can i have a PAL system in the USA? Without setting up a variable frequency drive? Douglas
  3. First of all I wanted to express my insane amount of gratitude for what you have done. I have a green one and a blue one. I suppose the red ones were for the beta testers? Can we get a serial number on these? Anyway and I am sure it is mute as I am only half way thru the build info in the thread but..... I need my MTV! I need my Atari keyboard! Two days ago in 1984 Madonna sang virginistic and I became the third person with a personal computer to spend six months at sea on a westpac with a personal computer. So I Iterate. What can we do to use an atari keyboard in this build? I am looking at the 1200XL and as i have seen so far it is the OS that likes your unit.. I dont need you to give me a version1.2 of your motherboard just an idea as to where do I wander. BTW I was thinking of adding the circuits and 10 keybad CX-86 to the mix. Worthy is not what I am! Douglas
  4. Its killin' me! I am slowly removing pin for pin the angled header connections in the hopes that i don't destroy the board or chips. I need the correct header arrangement to even go forward. Arrghhh
  5. So Just having checked the fit of the UM1B that i have i will need to desolder the right angle headers and install straight headers to install it. And i assume P2, P2 and P4 will have to be moved to the other side of the UM1B board as they will be problematic otherwise. Douglas
  6. Wow! be careful what you ask I rekon. The response on this subject was intense. I actually have two 600xl, three 1200xl an xegs, 65xe and 130xe, three 1050 disk drives, an 822, and two alphacom 422, and three 1020 printers. I was just gazing at the sales and noticed the crazy prices. I only really need a couple of items.. psu's, joysticks etc. I am busy getting into mods and builds like a 1200xl from bare MB up and a 1088xel. I will probably be one of those sellers within five years time.. fun i should probably sell now! Douglas
  7. commodore what?! HISSSSS ( sunnyvale high school not Cupertino!)
  8. wow! new components that do so much. my new 1200xl mb build taught me that I need glasses. i suffer from cant see shit syndrome
  9. I think we must be out of the recession! I am noticing some insane prices asked for items on Ebay. I was just wondering about the 250 to 300$ prices asked for for a working 800XL or 130XE. Not to mention if you might find a 1200XL which I think is the most desired yet hardest to work with of the XL line. I myself have 5 1200XL's in various states of nakedness and I am building one from a bare MB (god knows I want 5 more bare 1200XL MB) It seems to me that prices have doubled in the last three years for anything atari. Supply and demand? I bought a brand new 600XL back in the 80's and got my money back to go towards a 1200XL in a different store from which it was purchased, B&C computers when they had a storefront in the south bay. My 1200XL love affair started then and I still buy from B&C. Just wondering if anyone else is taken aback or has a clue as to why the cost has risen so much? Cheers
  10. A must have. Digikey pn ED2108-ND CONN IC DIP SOCKET 40POS GOLD low profile and comes with a decoupling cap 8.10$ a piece Other sizes as well All my sockets on my 1200xl ran me about 80$
  11. I hope I didnt offend anyone. After i reread my post my lack of commas can be annoying. In college I got nailed for too many and then for not enough. I think its awesome!! Which system did you use as far as motherboard design? 800xl?
  12. Still wondering if it works? Great idea. Make it smaller. I think a daughter board would have been the way to go. Smaller footprint and separation of church from state. Power and audio and IO on the daughter board and data and actual computer on the main board. Makes a failure easier to repair. Im just saying. Cant wait to get a bare mb. But does it work
  13. I had two monitors. One avid and the other not. I did the avid mod on an 800xl. Not my favorite A8 computer but the video was crisp and the colors were very clean. Text was sharp and edge ghosting was reduced. But the 800xl went way of parts. Btw. Dont work on computers in uber dry desert in winter with two cats living in your every while going to college
  14. Hello probably a mute point.. is the motherboard still available and is there a working unit yet? I see a LOT of modifications available but its as new as the latest pop music song.. is it standing the test? I have a lot of mods and just now have some time and money available.. 3/4 done with my bare 1200xl MB build BTW gold plated sockets with decoupling caps are a must! I even added the extra decoupling caps built into the MB an added additional insurance. Love a link to the bare MB.. Thanks Rockdoc2010
  15. SOOOO... Sio2USB Works great KUDOS TO THE PRODUCT it will exist in my build! (I own three) SIO to FLASH.. 3/4 inch by 2 inch screen ... tiny flash drive.. sorry i suffer from CRS.. 512k Atarimax upgrade for 1200XL MYIDE original.. got to the point where it said what disk drive? I didn't have one ready at the time...(got one for an XEGS for sale!) board.. wires.. free postage.. 35$ thats 5 years ago.. 1meg ultimute that xe or xbxe.. like i will ever use that but i got it stereo dual pokey yotta yotta yotta is that jewish for a whole lotta shit? SOOOOO. I would love a 64k 600XL any sellers? I tried twice.. first class i ever had was soldering, electronics assembly.. so back off haters.. I got this!.. I have built the best looking 1200XL ever, bare board, gold plated, de-coupled.. brand new stuff in the best packages \ Do I Cram a 600XL or live with hella shit with a 1200? or so? a 60 gig and a 20 gig hard drive 2.5 form factor tight small.....
  16. Not looking for a "Game Bank" as the 5200 had.. I disassy one of those only to find out the carts didn't fit, but a recent post had me thinking... What would it take to have two or three killer carts that could be switchable? I would think that no other switch but the voltage would be an issue, without voltage the carts cant send a signal thus be isolated..?? Just asking.. Douglas
  17. I modded an 800XL with omni 80 column OS in 83 and I was very impressed! They are still available!
  18. Not a fan of melding linix and Atari it just seems wrong. But Arduino can do just as much. The Raspberry is its own computer. The arduino is a better choice to convert and preserve the Atari. Douglas
  19. i would like to program a Tiny for background rgb leds.. imagine a keyboard doing the FUJI colour scheme.. or based on the music/sounds Bueler Beuler Beuler?
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