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  1. lucky guy! i really appreciate the offer to help and i will gladly accept as soon as i get the golden item! so excited, because i doubt there are very many people in australia to own one of these
  2. ransom - maybe not every console but everyone ive wanted to own and njb man thats awesome a rare export, dude i didnt even know that existed, how on earth did you attain that? well its priority shipping so ill hopefully have it in a week or so and i will definately be asking some questions, because i really want to play this thing! thanks for the help
  3. I need a rob the robot, coleco vision, intellivision, sega 32x and then its all complete!
  4. I dont know if it was fate, but funnily enough i just won a complete odyssey with gun for 78 bucks just a second ago, holy shit, my life is complete
  5. Thanks for the info man will check it out! i just dont wanna be ripped off and pay 100's more than i have to. Haha no way man! if anything i'd be interested to see it!
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and i'm trying to get myself around to posting I live in australia and it is completely impossible for me to find a Magnavox odyssey without paying 300-400 on ebay for one. I understand it would not work on a PAL tv set, it would be for collecting purposes. Does anyone here have one they would be willing to sell, boxed preferebly! Thanks
  7. I would be interested in purchasing over 50 of these if you would break your no international shipping rule? pretty please
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