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  1. A couple days ago, I made a (follow up) post in the jaguar forum, and included pictures of my Jaguar collection which I am going to liquidate soon. After 2 days, when I go into the jaguar forum, I still see my thread listed as "0 replies 0 views", and I know that isn't so as I have viewed it from my work (different IP / and as guest) What I want to know is if i did something wrong in composing the post that causes the board software not to record views, or if sometihng else is going on? The thread in question is at: http://www.atariage....uar-collection/ Not trying to pimp the thread, but geninely curious as to why the counters aren't working for it.
  2. A few weeks ago, I started a thread here "Pondering selling my Jaguar Collection" where I was asking for advice on how to best go about passing the collection on. I thank everyone who replied - I really didn't have a good sense of how to go about it. Before I could get any further, I was working on getting rid of my Colecovision collection, and I expected that to be about 8 or 10 lots. I was wrong --- it turned into 44 separate eBay lots, and whole lot of work. But I finally got it done, and in the next week or two expect to get onto moving the Jaguar collection. Some people asked for pictures so they could better assess what I had. So here are some pics of my Jaguar collection. Soon enough they should be on the market. Thanks again -Matt
  3. I do space out the auctions - I always include a bunch of actual photos (people who only put up a 'stock' photo annoy me) and text, and that takes a while. I'll give a heads up post here when I begin, and probably some photos to go with it. I'm going to try and get the last Intellivision and Colecovision/Adam stuff up this weekend, followed by the Jag stuff.
  4. I appreciate the feedback, but I think I'm going to get rid of the base console and common games as well For me, it really an issue about structuring the time remaining in my life. I'm in my mid 40's and have more games than I will (probably) ever find the time to play and enjoy. Combine that with obligations and commitments and other things I wish to do, and I have to make some arbitrary choices about what to keep and what not or if I am going to be happy just knowing I have all this stuff in storage somewhere, never to see the light of day. A couple times I thought about just filling up the dumpster, but I can't yet bring myself to do that. Others can get more out of these things than I can, and I will not lack for things to get enjoyment from (in fact, I should be able to get more out of what remains).
  5. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I've got a much better feel for what I should do with the Jag Stuff now. I think I am going to go ahead and break it all up into about 8-10 lots or so, and put them on eBay. It will probably be 2 weeks before I get my Jaguar Collection listed. In front of it is an Intellivsion Set and about 8 boxes of Colecovision Stuff to list that is literally blocking the way the closet where the Jaguar Collection is stored (I'm living in a much smaller place now than when I was collecting), not to mention a CIB modern console dev kit, and a car to sell. A couple people have asked me about buying specific items directly. When I've done that in the past I've had people get upset at me over selling something to someone else, or the price, etc and that can be uncomfortable and stressful (which I don't need more of). So please don't take any offense as my just going ahead and using eBay, as it's the fairest and allows time for everyone to say yay or nay. I always set my starting prices very low and just let it play out rather than get stuck on any wishing price or price I paid. If it's not against the rules, I'll post a notice here and some pictures of the whole collection when I get them up. Thanks, -Matt
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some advice. I have a fairly substantial Jaguar Collection that I have realized that I am probably never going to enjoy as much as I would like, and I am thinking of selling it, and I am wondering what would the the best way to go about doing it - piecemeal, a couple separate groups, the whole shebang as one package, etc. First I guess I should describe the collection (off the top of my head, it's not right here): Jaguar and Jaguar CD, both complete in boxes with all inserts, manuals, etc and boxes in very good condition. ALL Games released for the Jag, Complete in Box or Shrinkwrapped, up until the time Atari stopped and Telegames took over, 50 or so titles I think All initial era Jag CD games (6), complete in box, (though Primal Rage box has a crease... I think) A Pair of Pro Controllers new in Box, Regular Controller (or 2?) in the box, all the different AV Cables, Jag Link (shrinkwrapped?) CatBox (complete) Some promotional materials, misc Jag stuff, probably some other items I forgot. The reason for letting it go - I'm just trying to simply and reclaim my life, after some serious life events and changes. I used to be a rather big vintage and console collector. To Illustrate, on the computing side, at one time I had 3 Exidy Sorcerers and 2 APF Imagination Machines among dozens of others, and every non Nintendo console pre-1990, about 35 or so separate collections total. Over the past 3 years I've been downsizing them, but I had designated 4 console collections to keep - 2600, 7800 and Jag being 3 of the 4, but looking at them, I'm never even bothering with the Jaguar stuff. To make it worse, I've make video games for a living (worked on a number of high profile modern titles), and have my own game related hobby projects. Just too much spreading this old man too thin, so I want to prune my 2600 collection, and get rid of the Jaguar collection as part of my streamlining. Sadly I am way out of tune with the state of the marketplace in recent years - I have no idea what goes and what doesn't. So .. if you were me.. what would you do? All in one big lot? Piecemeal? Something in between? I'm not looking for maximum return, but rather a fair return but minimizing hassle. Thanks to all, -Matt
  7. Title Match is the only 7800 title I do not have shrink-wrapped. I remember that I had a b***h of a time finding a boxed complete copy at all - I wound up with 2 copies about 10 years ago. I've been effectively out the scene for the last 5-6 years and am only not just getting back into it. Really interesting to see how things have changed (Homebrews, rarity and pricing and so on..) At one time I had 4 complete shrinkwrapped sets of all Atari -corp 7800 releases (all NTSC + Sentinel) and 2 sets of the 7800 3rd party games ( all shrinked, except for title match + incl Harry's Monitor cart) - sold 3 of the sets off, kept the the final one (plus a 2nd, loose play copy of each game I had). Glad to see the scene alive and thriving - time to pick up some new 7800 titles, and maybe get back into homebrew dev.
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