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  1. OMG ... This looks beautiful!
  2. Money sent! Thanks again for everything Gaz!
  3. I'm interested in 1 if there is still one left! Thanks!
  4. Man I can't wait! Love that feeling when there is a new game release on the horizon.
  5. If there is a list or not doesn't matter. Just put me on it!
  6. Payment sent. It looks gorgeous in those pictures. Can't wait to get my package!
  7. I'm in for one too if it's not too late.
  8. I got my Package from Lars 2 days ago so I don't think that the announcement was a hoax! I didn't had time to try it out yet but now over the weekend I can finally test that baby
  9. SpaceAce

    Zonik Lynx

    thanks for those new information about the development process! I just can't wait for the new screens! keep up the great work :wink:
  10. SpaceAce

    Zonik Lynx

    beautiful just keep up the great work another great game for our beloved little cat
  11. I have seen and played myself three different versions then the K-A or the released one and I'm also owning myself one of them so thats why I know of them
  12. I don't think this is the version Atari didn't liked cause there are 3 if not 4 versions before the K-A version
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