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  1. Third time buying ColecoVision games from mumbai. There was an issue where I thought one of the games (Sewer Sam) didn't work. Turned out it wasn't the game but the Intro Skip BIOS (info for anyone interested). Refund was issued. No (other) problems whatsoever.
  2. According to Opcode's website, all you need to do is subscribe to his newsletter and you'll be informed when another run of SGMs will be available.
  3. Honestly, with all the work you do to get these games out, I don't think anyone would fault you for wanting to take some time off.
  4. Just looked at the GDG website, and it's listed for $39.75. Maybe someone made a mistake and corrected it? ..and it looks like Nanochess beat me to it
  5. Bought some 2600 games from newtype5. Good communication, and everything was well-packaged.
  6. Bought some 2600 games off Atari181. No problems whatsoever- excellent communication and items were well-packaged.
  7. Oh well. It's too bad about the game though- a Thundarr game woulda been awesome.
  8. You thinking of ? Back on topic, I always wondered why there was never a Thundarr game- I mean, it ran on ABC until from 1980-82 and then again on NBC in 1983, right around the time Atari was riding high. Now I see why- it just sucked
  9. Bought some more ColecoVision games from mumbai. No complaints, so I'll just repeat what I said before...
  10. How did I miss this thread? Let's see... (can you see the speaker slits?) S/N 38381 Mfg. by Atari, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. Model No. CX-2600 [etc., et al.] NTSC. Purchased in October 2011.
  11. Only when you have it set to Roller. Sorry for not clarifying.
  12. Bought a couple ColecoVision games from the Ax. I'll just echo what everyone else is saying- he's an excellent seller.
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