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  1. I have played Fire Fly and know this to be true.
  2. How did you manage to score Air Raid? That's a major accomplishment right there!
  3. I've been collecting for the 2600 for a good long time, and have amassed quite the collection.
  4. I ordered a new 7800 controller from Retrogameboyz on eBay. Gave it a test run, and let me tell you, this baby has the ProLine controller beat in every way possible. Highly recommend you pick one up.
  5. I purchased a ProLine Controller NIB at a local videogame store on Tuesday. Yesterday, I discovered that it automatically moves left. Is there any fix for this? I really don't want to return to the store or spend more money on controllers if I don't need to. Thanks in advance.
  6. Today: Decathlon (Gold) I was a beast on the pole vault Ice Hockey Tennis Freeway
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