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  1. fiudr

    RetroN 77

    Ah, I didn't realize that new one is USB only. I have a couple flashback joysticks that came with my flashback 10, but they're really light and cheapo. Out of curiosity, do those work with the Retron 77? I was hoping somebody currently made a good compatible joystick. The Retron joystick is pretty nice except for that lousy sticker. I'm wondering if I should try just peeling it off the rest of the way and then using Goo Gone to clean it up. But I suspect it won't look so great if I do that. I took a look at Best Electronics' website again. I've seen it before. But it's...confusing to find anything. The front page is a huge wall of gigantic text that all seems to blend together. It seems they offer replacement parts, but do they offer ready-to-use joysticks/paddles that have already been rebuilt with their new components? EDIT: I think I found a page that lists their pre-built controllers (under quickguide).
  2. fiudr

    RetroN 77

    Can anybody recommend a good new Atari joystick? The top "wood finish" sticker is already peeling off of one of my Retron 77 joysticks, which barely had any use yet, which is exactly what I was worried about the first time I saw them. I expect the sticker will eventually start lifting off the main unit too. It's a shame they went with stickers. How about the new Atari VCS joystick? Is that compatible with the Reton 77? It's wireless so I guess not,plus it seems unavailable anyways. There's a newer reton 77 joystick on Amazon, with additional buttons, but it too uses a sticker, so it will have the same problem. Atari knew back in the 70's not to put stickers on the joysticks because stickers always end up peeling, especially on something like a joystick which will get handled frequently.
  3. Is there going to be a new run of these available? Will there be any fixes available if there's a new manufacturing run? It seems there's no way to get one of these at this point.
  4. I just bought a US C64 mini from an Amazon seller and it arrived sealed and intact. It works great but the controller has a red plastic ring on the base of the stick that is loose and rattles when shaking it or tipping it upside-down. Is that ring supposed to be glued on, or is it supposed to be loose like that? If that how it's supposed to be, what's the purpose of it?
  5. So should I hold off on installing 6.1.2 and wait for 6.2 then? I don't want to install an update if some of the buttons will no longer function.
  6. Is there a difference between 6.1-beta 2 and v6.1.2? Is it the same thing or are they different?
  7. Oh I see, so then even if a newer official update is installed later, I'd just have to install this again over the newest update to get the custom menu back?
  8. Has there been any info or updates to address the audio lag of the Flashback X? There is a new official firmware update for the deluxe Flashback X - V. 0.1.5 (released on Feb 12, 2020), but the last update for the standard Flashback X is still V. 0.1.18 (released on Dec 3, 2019), which doesn't fix the audio lag issue. I have no idea what that deluxe update was for since I have the standard Flashback X. Both updates list "Fixed audio delay issue" but it did not fix the audio delay issue for my standard Flashback X. If others would like to contact them about this, their email is [email protected]
  9. I have two questions I'm hoping somebody can answer: 1) I previously ran the official atgames update (0.1.18) to get OTG cable and USB support. Can I just install this now to replace it? 2) The Flashback X's main issue is the audio lag, which has been discussed in other threads on this site. Even with their official update (0.1.18) the audio lag is present. Have they improved this? Does this custom firmware still suffer the same audio lag issue? My worry is if they do fix the audio lag, custom firmware like this will not contain the audio fix.
  10. As I mentioned in my first post, I'm using the ColecoVision Flashback controller with the Ultimate PC Interface adapter (allows older controllers to plug into a USB port). I'm not using Android, I'm using Windows 10. Though at some point I'd like to also get it working with Retropie.
  11. I wish CoolCV was a bit friendlier to use. It's all config files which I struggle with, and it doesn't seem to feature scan lines. I also hate that it's drag-and-drop. I wish it had a more modern interface and file browser. I'm not really certain why the controller isn't working with ColEm. I'm assuming it's a mapping issue since some of the buttons do random weird things when running the test cartridge rom, and other buttons do nothing. The fact that the emulator sees the controller and even lists it as an option to select under inputs means it's seeing it. Too bad the author of ColEm seems to be so unfriendly. I've contacted other emulator authors in the past who were very helpful. I wasn't expecting the response I got from him.
  12. Yes, I have followed that correctly.. I contacted the maker of the PC Interface cable, and he believes it's a mapping issue with the emulator (ColEM). I got the controller detected and working fine in CoolCV using the custom config file made available on the Ultimate PC Interface webpage. ColEm detects the controller but the buttons don't map correctly. I contacted the creator of ColEm and honestly he was rather rude and clearly wasn't interested in offering any help with this. Which is too bad because ColEm is a great emulator. It offers some nice options that CoolCV doesn't have.
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