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  1. So? Most will just assume Amico is made-up. I did until I learned what it meant by following this thread.
  2. Personally I don't think the name will have any issues. For most people who won't know what the word means, it just sounds like the name of a product, like every car has a name. Nothing wrong with that. It's easy to pronounce and short.
  3. As I was informed earlier, apparently you can get a compatible Snes controller with the ColecoVision Phoenix. They don't make a ColecoVision controller currently. As far as the Atari, yeah, the base system should definitely include a joystick or controller. There are different options where you can buy the system with the joystick or controller, but the price is the same as if you bought the console and controller separately. So no matter what you're buying the controllers on top of the console.
  4. I was referring to the Atari VCS base model actually. Though the ColecoVision Phoenix retro machine doesn't include a controller either (and doesn't offer one - you have to supply your own).
  5. I gotcha. You're basically slipping right into deep sleep. I slip right into REM sometimes if I'm over-exhausted - the moment I fall asleep I'm dreaming. I even had a period a few years ago when I was getting sleep paralysis (not fun!) due to not getting the sleep I needed. Interestingly the sleep tracking with the watch guilts me more into getting to bed a bit more normal.
  6. I mean, look at the cost of the base system for the new Atari and it doesn't even include a controller at all. You need to spend a good chunk more to add one controller and double it for another one. Even xbox and Playstation include only one controller usually I believe. That makes the Amico a fantastic deal and a very attractive system to consider for the holidays. I've always been a fan of IntelliVision and I'm thrilled to think later in the year we'll be seeing these on stores shelves. One foot in the past and one in the future. Just amazing that it's happening and you can really feel the enthusiasm behind it from the developers. They know they're working on something really special here. I've seen enough smaller systems (like the Ouya) fail that I don't usually expect much now when I hear about another system launch unless it's one of the big three, but I think this really has a chance to carve a spot for itself.
  7. This definitely has the potential to be a big seller this Christmas, I think. It's a very cool-looking system with very innovative controllers, and the screen should feel familiar to anybody who has a modern cell phone. And the price is very reasonable, especially since you're getting two controllers in the box, which is fantastic. Most systems these days come with one controller (or none).
  8. Do you use a health band/sleep tracker? Just asking because I just started wearing one after Christmas,, and I was very surprised to learn there are three major sleep modes - light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep (technically there are two others but they're just short cycles preparing you for the other modes of sleep). Rem is actually different from deep sleep. REM is where most of your dreaming occurs. Deep sleep is where your body gets repaired. According to sleep.org, when you enter deep sleep, "The brain produces even more delta waves and you move into an even deeper, more restorative stage of sleep next. It's most difficult to wake up during this stage. This is when the body repairs muscles and tissues, stimulates growth and development, boosts immune function, and builds up energy for the next day.". My watch shows the three different phases and how much of each I get - light, REM and deep. It's possible to have a healthy amount of one or two types and still be deprived of the third type. If you aren't getting proper deep sleep, your body isn't repairing itself physically properly and maintaining the immune system, even though you may think you're sleeping well. Generally if somebody is feeling tired all the time, they may be lacking in deep sleep, which should account for 20%-60% of your night's sleep. My girlfriend gets only 8-30 minutes generally per night, even if she sleep 8 hours, and she always feels very fatigued. Just thought I'd mention it. Since I started tracking my sleep I've been fascinated to see how my sleep is from night to night. It also tends to push me into better sleep practices.
  9. This is one case where getting the last one might be just as cool as getting the first.😀
  10. I'm sure Tommy will be thrilled to see how quickly these sold. I'm sure they are already considering how they will be marketing this, but I would hope to see commercials on network TV for this system as it gets closer to launch. Plenty of people still watch network TV for their favorite shows, and are exposed to good old-fashioned TV ads. I'd imagine that's just the type of market they are aiming for.
  11. Yeah, I got that after I posted it, and actually edited my post. Oops!
  12. That's the sad part about these extremely limited edition items these days - they sell out very, very fast. Sorry to hear some are having payment processing problems. I've been in the same boat with limited edition blu-rays which also sell out in hours sometimes.
  13. My girlfriend said the spider was freaking her out in that Night Stalker demo! Great job with that! And I loved seeing the Lost in Space B9 killer robots! Will those be in the final version? I'd love to see Robby the robot make an appearance too - he's been known to play the "bad robot" in several old films and TV shows including the film "The Invisible Boy" and an episode of Project UFO (with a modified head), and and even played the villain robot in two different Lost in Space episodes!
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