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  1. So should I hold off on installing 6.1.2 and wait for 6.2 then? I don't want to install an update if some of the buttons will no longer function.
  2. Is there a difference between 6.1-beta 2 and v6.1.2? Is it the same thing or are they different?
  3. That's awful paranoid isn't it? You're way off if that's what you think. I've been a member in here for a very long time, mostly for the emulation talk. I got a Retron 77 system for Christmas and have been pretty active lately in here to get the most out of that system. Then I learned about the Amico fairly recently and became interested. I do not even post on Youtube. I'm not a hater. I almost put in for the founder's edition for the Amico. I didn't due to funds. I was also considering the new pre-orders, until I saw the game footage trailer, which honestly just turned me off. Plus with the economy being devastated currently this is a bad time for me to pre-order video game systems. My girlfriend just got her work-at-home hours cut from 40 to 25. So no, this thread isn't all Youtube hate-posters. People can have an opinion that doesn't agree with you without being a hater.
  4. Everyone has their own opinions of what looks appealing to them, of course. But for me, I was disappointed in the visual style of the games in general, and I feel everything looked very unpolished. Now, to be fair, those clips are supposed to be works-in-progress, not final graphics. But I have to wonder, with the system only 6 months away, are there no games closer to completion? Are they really all still in early production, with only 6 months left for launch? I would think at least some of those games would be well on their way by now with footage closer to finshed. I know it keeps getting repeated that graphics are not the main goal of this system, that it's the fun and gameplay, not the graphics that matter. But regardless of the style or simplicity of the graphics, I expect them to look polished in any new 2020 system. I do not own the Nintendo Switch and never expected to want one, but after seeing their video trailer for that "51 tabletop classics", I could see my self buying that system at some point later on, just for games like that. Those games looked glossy and slick, and highly polished, with tons of variety all built into one game. I would actually be excited to buy that game. I could see myself playing many of those games for hours with my girlfriend and her sister. I don't have that excitement for the Amico when seeing the gameplay trailer. Simple graphics is one thing. Nothing in that "51 tabletop classics" trailer is what anyone would consider complex or next-gen graphics. But like I said, it looks slick and polished (bowling looks great with nice reflections and scuffed-up alleys). I could be wrong and that's great if I am, but from the gameplay footage I've seen so far for Amico, I don't get the sense that Amico's graphics will have that kind of polish. And the games I saw really don't do much for me. I'm big on first person shooters and racers and shmups/shooters, but I also love the old classic systems like the 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc., retro-style games, side-scrolling platform games, and fun party games. The games in the Switch tabletop trailer cover everything from pool to bowling to air hockey to classic board games to several different recreations of tabletop games like foosball. I can see myself having a ton of fun with those, because I love many of those games. The Amico trailer isn't showing me any games that I'd be excited about. I was hoping to see more space shooters, but Astrosmash was the closest thing I saw to that. No Space Armada type game, no Demon Attack or Atlantis, no Microsurgeon footage - like I said, everyone has different tastes, but for me - the games just aren't doing it for me. But that's just my own personal opinion.
  5. I didn't say card games are a problem on the system. How could I know that yet? What I said was I play modern board games, and with a handful of cards in my hand or in front of my play area, I can't focus on the cards close to me unless I remove my glasses, since I'm nearsighted, but then if I do that there's no way I can see across the board to see components on the far side of the board near other players. So it's a back-and-forth with lifting the glasses up to see close-up, and then using the glasses for seeing the board. This is why bifocals exist but I hate them and I watch too many movies and am too young to saddle myself with such annoying lenses. So I imagine any games that would require you to look back and forth between the controller screen and the TV would be a problem for those who wear glasses for either far-sightedness or near-sightedness.
  6. You don't know this - it's just your assumption. You haven't seen the games in play and haven't seen the controller and how it works with various games.
  7. Personally, I've lost a lot of my excitement over this system between the video footage that didn't interest me, and the aggressive/overly-defensive way Tommy handles himself. I understand wanting to clear up misconceptions about the system, but imo he takes it way too far, getting into petty online squabbles that look very unprofessional imo. And finances are also not looking good currently, plus a lot of fear and uncertainty out there, all of which adds up to me probably stepping back from this system. I'll keep an eye on it when it releases, to see how the final product ends up, and follow some reviews/watch some footage, but right now, I've pretty much lost my interest in this system sadly. I also think since I'm nearsighted and wear glasses to see my TV, that constantly looking back-and-forth between the controller and the TV screen would be very annoying if not impossible for me. I have difficulty even when I'm playing board games, as cards right in front of me are hard to read if I'm wearing my glasses for distance, but without them, I can't see the other side of the table/board. I think those that wear glasses will find this a thing of concern.
  8. The problem with this though is that Tommy is dominating this thread. It's fine that he's dominating the Q&A thread since it's purpose is to be able to ask him questions about the system. However, this thread was created to get away from some of that - to be able to discuss the system, good and bad, without him dominating it. The idea being he has his own dedicated thread where he can post to his heart's content. Yet he dominates this thread too. As we all can easily see, he feels the need to defend the system every single time somebody posts something even slightly suggesting some hesitation or concern. The result is Tommy dominating 2 different threads, still leaving us without an "independent" thread to share our thoughts. If he wasn't so defensive, this wouldn't be an issue. But every post that appears in any way negative or just doubtful or concerned, and he posts a half-page response, that then gets quoted two more times in full by other posters. It would be nice if out of courtesy he would allow posters in here to share their thoughts, good, bad or indifferent, without needing to respond every single time. Because what happens once the system is launched? I guarantee there will be some negative professional reviews out there, and he will not be able to respond to each and every one of them. At some point, he has to let people discuss the system without his interference.
  9. Oh I see, so then even if a newer official update is installed later, I'd just have to install this again over the newest update to get the custom menu back?
  10. There's community firmware discussed on this site for the Retron 77 that uses the latest version of Stella, making it just as good as using your PC.
  11. Has there been any info or updates to address the audio lag of the Flashback X? There is a new official firmware update for the deluxe Flashback X - V. 0.1.5 (released on Feb 12, 2020), but the last update for the standard Flashback X is still V. 0.1.18 (released on Dec 3, 2019), which doesn't fix the audio lag issue. I have no idea what that deluxe update was for since I have the standard Flashback X. Both updates list "Fixed audio delay issue" but it did not fix the audio delay issue for my standard Flashback X. If others would like to contact them about this, their email is [email protected]
  12. I have two questions I'm hoping somebody can answer: 1) I previously ran the official atgames update (0.1.18) to get OTG cable and USB support. Can I just install this now to replace it? 2) The Flashback X's main issue is the audio lag, which has been discussed in other threads on this site. Even with their official update (0.1.18) the audio lag is present. Have they improved this? Does this custom firmware still suffer the same audio lag issue? My worry is if they do fix the audio lag, custom firmware like this will not contain the audio fix.
  13. I wouldn't call it redundant. It still opened up exposure to those who are there to report the latest news and events for the rest of us. Sure, anybody can release a video, but having demos for reporters to play with first-hand does a lot to spread hype and impressions.
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